Retrieve contacts from iTunes backup when iPhone was stolen

“my iPhone5 was stolen last night, so I used my htc one m8 for the time being waiting for the iPhone 6, any way I wanted to get out my contacts from iTunes backup but i have a trouble that I cannot access backup to extract the contact numbers, I am badly in need of contact numbers and emails, I need help! Is there any way to extract contacts from iPhone5 backup?”  Continue reading

How to set up a complete backup strategy for your Mac

It’s one thing to back up your Mac. It’s another thing to have a coherent backup strategy that includes local and off-site components. That makes sure you’re never more than a few minutes from recovering in the event of a critical failure or problem. In this how to, we’ll look at how to set up just such a routine using a combination of backup strategies . Continue reading

How to set up and start using Photo Stream on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC

Photo Stream is the part of iCloud that seamlessly syncs your photos any time you’re connected to a wifi network. Take a picture (or screen shot) on your iPhone or iPad and Photo Stream will store a copy of that picture on Apple’s servers and push copies down to all your other iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Photo Stream will store up to 1000 photos, or 30 days of photos at at time. If you aren’t yet familiar with Photo Stream, we can walk you through everything you need to get started. Continue reading

How to Recover Reminders from iPhone/iPad After Deleted or Lost

Reminder on iPhone/iPad is a convenient and practical app for users to make daily schedule, organize life in to-do lists. We can create date and time or location-based notifications with Reminders. However, there some reasons may cause to reminder lost such as accidental deletion, upgrade iOS etc. if you happen to lost/deleted some important reminder schedule, what will you do to recover lost reminders on iPhone/iPad? Continue reading

iWatch with 2.5-inch display, wireless charging and more to launch in October


Apple’s rumored iWatch has been a hot topic for quite some time, spanning at least a couple of years now, but the Rumor Mill has been adamant that this is the year it will finally land on the market. it’ll launch in time for the holiday shopping spree, and sport some interesting features. Several details regarding Apple’s still-rumored wearable have surfaced, some of which we have seen before. According to a new report from Reuters, the iWatch will boast wireless charging, as well as feature a plethora of sensors inside of it, some of which will be able to read the wearer’s pulse. As you can imagine, the unnamed source also states that the iWatch will have a touchscreen interface, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  Continue reading

How to get back lost Contacts in iCloud after an iOS update

If you use iCloud for your contacts its because you want them every where and don’t want to have to worry about losing them. Not ever. Unfortunately we’ve had some readers report that, after performing a software update on their iPhone or iPad, their iCloud contacts went missing is action. Luckily there’s no reason to panic. The contacts aren’t really gone, they’re just no showing up properly. Best of all, it’s easy to fix!

If you didn’t have backup you iPhone/iPad, How to get back delete/lost contacts?  see Quickly Get Back Lost iPhone Contacts Without Backup  Continue reading

How to use Siri to create, update, and cancel Calendar events on iPhone/iPad

Since siri is meant to be your personal assistant, it only makes sense to have it schedule and manage your meetings and events on your iPhone or iPad. Asking Siri to create a Calendar event only takes a few seconds and is much faster than creating them manually and entering all the data yourself. Whether you need Siri to schedule a meeting, tell you what’s on the agenda for the day, or move an existing meeting to another time to make room for a conference call or a power nap, Siri will help make sure your schedule is set. Continue reading