How to set up a new iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with iCloud

When you turn on your new iPhone5S/5C/5/4S,   iPad 2/3/air/mini or iPod touch, you’ll be greeted with a Lock screen that simply says “Hello” in many different languages. This is where we start the setup process. Continue reading

How to save each iPhone/iPad backup on computer without erase the old backup

Generally, when we synced iPhone/iPad with computer, iTunes will generate a new backup file and replaced the old backup, then is there any way to backup iPhone/iPad data without overwrite the old backup file? This article introduces a great iPhone file backup software which could backup and save multiple iPhone backup files on computer.  Continue reading

How to downgrade from iOS 8 beta back to iOS 7

If you installed a beta version of iOS 8 on your iPhone or iPad and now find yourself thinking the bugs and crashes are more than you bargained for, you may want to return to iOS 7 again. Luckily, the downgrade process is fairly straight forward and simple. However, it does come with a few caveats… Continue reading

How to quickly change or move a calendar event on iPhone and iPad

If you need to quickly change the time of an event or appointment in your iPhone or iPad’s Calendar, here introduce an incredibly easy way of doing so by dragging and dropping instead of entering into edit mode for each event you need to change. Unfortunately, the Calendar app doesn’t make the option very obvious. But once you know where it’s at, we’re pretty sure you’ll prefer it over editing individual events when it comes time to plan your day.How to move a calendar event or appointment on iPhone or iPad by dragging and dropping  Continue reading

Quickly undelete Notes on iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4

“I have an iPhone 5s and I have recently deleted some very important notes by mistake, I really need to get these notes back. Does anyone know the best and quickest way to do this? I haven’t actually synced to itunes and the icloud is turn off, is it possible to find back recently deleted iPhone notes?”

You can undelete iPhone notes with an professional ios data recovery software,here recommend the world’s fastest ios data recovery software,with it,you can quickly recover recently deleted iPhone notes even if you have no iTunes or iCloud backup.  Continue reading

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Apple’s New iOS 8

Get ready, Apple fans: The next mobile operating system upgrade, iOS 8, is coming to iPhones and iPads this fall. It’s got a couple big new features: HealthKit, for tracking your personal fitness data, and HomeKit, for integrating “smart home” apps more directly into iOS (including Siri support—eat your heart out, Clapper).
Continue reading

Best messaging apps for iPhone/iPad: Hangouts, LINE, WhatsApp, and more

Looking for the best iPhone apps to contact with your friends and family? When it comes to messaging, the list of services to choose from is pretty much endless. Whether you need to send messages internationally or just don’t care to give out your phone number or iMessage information to everyone you need to be able to communicate with, there’s an appropriate option for everyone. But that still leaves one important question unanswered, what messaging apps for iPhone are the absolute best?

How to browse iPad Photos in backup on Mac and get them out?

get photos out on mac
“I had to restore my iPad because i forget the passcode and lost photos in camera roll. I can’t restore from a backup, as the backup has the forgotten passcode on it.
Anyways, on my Mac I looked under ~/library/application support/MobileSync/Backup to find some folder with a boatload of hashed files and a couple .plist’s saying it was indeed a backup.However I am sure these photos are in this folder somewhere. how can I browse these photos in backup and get them out?” Continue reading

Apple releases iOS 8 beta to Developers (Download)

Apple today unveiled iOS 8 with a slew of significant changes, both for users and developers, at the WWDC keynote this morning. iOS 8 is already available as a beta for registered developers from the Dev Center, and will launch publicly this fall as a free software update. Continue reading