Partial Restore Photos from iPhone backup

Accidental deleted or lost important photos/pictures on iPhone, you still have chance to recover these photos by restore from backup files (if you have backup your iPhone before deleted photos), but due to space limitation on your iPhone, you don’t want to restore the whole backup, Is it possible to do a partial restore? how to only restore deleted photos from iTunes to iPhone 6/ 5S/ 5/ 4S? Keep reading to find out.

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How to use Family Sharing for iTunes and App Store accounts in iOS 8

Family Sharing is a new feature in iOS 8 that lets your entire family share purchases from both iTunes and the App Store without having to share the same Apple ID. More than that, parents require that younger children ask permission before purchasing content. You can then receive a request and either accept or deny it right from your own iPhone or iPad. To get started with Family Sharing, you’ll need to perform a few steps in order to set it up.  Continue reading

How to share a Photo Stream with people not using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac

With iCloud Photo Sharing, you can easily share a collections of photos with other iPhone and iPad owners, but you may don’t know that icloud also gives you a way to share Photo Stream with people not using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Continue reading

iOS 8.1.1: 7 Things You Need to Know Before Installing

Earlier this week, Apple finally pushed out its iOS 8.1.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As expected, the iOS 8.1.1 update delivers bug fixes for iOS 8 problems and performance enhancements for older devices. With an update now here and many iPhone and iPad users trying to decide whether it’s worth an upgrade, we take a look at the most important things you need to know before installing Apple’s new iOS 8.1.1 update.  Continue reading

How to Backup/Save iPad data on Mac for Storage and Viewing

“I’m interested in having access to iPad data which I’ve stored in a separate User account on my iMac. My wife passed away earlier this year and I want to have access to the data in her iPad mini, but don’t plan to keep the iPad which was hardly used. iFonebox could let me save her data to my Mac and give the iPad Mini to another family member with her data removed.” —An iFonebox user wrote back to say that he use iFonebox to save/backup data from iPad mini to iMac for storage.
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iOS 8.1.1 Brings Bug Fixes, Especially For iPhone 4S And iPad 2 device

iOS 8.1.1 is now available for  iPhone and iPad owners to update. this update not only provides bug fixes and performance improvement, especially for iPhone 4s and iPad 2,but it also comes with a nice surprise for all iPad owners — it returns about half a gigabyte of storage space.  Continue reading

How to create multiple iTunes libraries on a Mac/Pc

Just because you share a computer at home doesn’t mean you want to share an iTunes library. Maybe you and your family members don’t have the same taste in music, TV, or movies. Maybe you want to keep all the kids’ stuff out of your carefully curated classics. Sure, you can create different logins for your Mac, but if all you want is separate iTunes libraries, it’s easy to do, and easy to switch between them any time you want. Here’s how to create multiple iTunes library on Mac/Pc!

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