How to view the contents of encrypted iPhone backup on Mac OSX

“Is there a way to view the contents of my encrypted iPhone 6 backup file that is saved on my Mac? I DO HAVE the password but I don’t really want to restore my phone to an old backup, I just want to view the contents (if possible) on my Mac. Any help is appreciated.”  Continue reading

Partial Restore Contacts from iTunes backup to a new iPhone 5

“I restore my iPhone 5 to factory setting because of the “other” files taking up a really huge portion of my iPhone’s memory. Then I want to restore only contacts to my new iPhone 5 via iTunes. The problem is how can I Partial restore contacts from iTunes backup to iPhone?” Continue reading

Best iPhone 6 Data Recovery Review

best iPhone 6 data recovery

With the development of iCloud backup services, more and more iPhone users choose this convenient tool to backup their iOS data especially the iPhone 6 users. Once you have backup your iPhone 6 with the iCloud, Data loss is not too easy. iTunes backup also helps iPhone 6 users easily back up data. However, what about the data files on your iPhone 6 that aren’t backed up on iCloud or iTunes — and that you unfortunately deleted by mistake? Though iCloud and iTunes helps you store and backup data files, they both unable to help you recover deleted data files on iPhone 6. An iPhone 6 data recovery program could be of great help, and iFonebox is just that.  Continue reading

Dropped an iPhone 6 in Water? Here’s How to Save It from water damage

Accidentally dropped your new iPhone 6 or 6 plus in the swimming pool or the toilet, or dropped it in a big rain puddle on your way home, it’s really bad luck. but not all hope is lost. Here are some ways to recover your iPhone 6 from most kinds of water damage.  Continue reading

Apple introduces tool for deregistering iMessage if you switch to Android

If you’ve switched from iPhone to android device or other non-Apple smartphone, and aren’t receiving text messages, it could be that your phone number is still registered with iMessage. If that’s the case, apple provides a field where you can enter your phone number, receive a confirmation code and enter that code to confirm your iMessage deregistration.  Continue reading

Easily Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone 5 with no backup

“I accidently deleted all contacts from my iPhone 5 and I have no backup file. I cannot find the undelete button on my iPhone 5 also I tried several methods to restore deleted contacts all failed. I need help, how can I get back the deleted contacts on my iPhone 5 without backup file?”  Continue reading

Can’t Send Photo/Picture Messages on iPhone? Find solution here

“I have noticed that I am no longer able to send pictures via MMS or iMessage after updating my iPhone 5 to iOS 8.1,tried several times all failed. anyone know the reason? Why won’t my iPhone 5 send picture messages anymore?” Continue reading