How to Set Up New iPhone 6 (Plus) Correctly

If you received an iPhone 6 for Christmas from Santa, here’s how to set it up and get started with your new smartphone. (2014 hot Christmas wish)

The iPhone 6 is one of the most popular smartphones on the market right now, so it makes perfect sense that Santa would gift a lot of them. However, if you’ve never owned an iPhone before, the setup process can be a little daunting, especially if you’re not sure what settings to turn on and off.  Continue reading

How to Selectively Recover iPhone 6 deleted voice recordings/ Notes

I recorded a 10 minute voice memo on my iPhone 6 and when I tapped “stop” I was prompted to give the memo a name. I named it and then I tapped “Delete” instead of “Save”, and it disappeared! . Can how can i recover the deleted voice notes on my iPhone 6?  Continue reading

2014 Top Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages

Love, care, friendship and togetherness make the Christmas time all the more unique. Christmas also means spreading the affection of our heart into the lives of others & bringing in pleasure & cheers. Christmas is a perfect time to say love & good wishes for those we cares your. Getting someone Merry Christmas wishes on Christmas day is a happy time. And you will also want to wish them. Therefore, If you are like me who are planning to send merry Christmas wishes and message to families and friends, get here the huge collection of Top and Hot Christmas wishes messages.

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How to Send Christmas Messages to a group of contacts on iPhone and iPad

2014 Christmas is coming, and you may have already started your holiday. So here’s to hoping you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. During the Christmas season, you will get a lot of Happy Holiday messages from your friends and families.Then how to sent mass christmas messages on iphone and iPad?

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How to Restore Deleted iPhone 5S Contacts list: Three Easy Methods Explained

One of the scariest things that can happen – when you try to change iPhones, sync contacts or iOS update – is losing contact details. I’ve found myself – very often – accidentally deleted/lost my contacts list on my iPhone5s.

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How to Retrieve deleted texts from iPhone 5 without a recent iTunes backup

“I recently deleted a crap ton of texts that were just sitting in messages, and I deleted a text I didn’t mean to by mistake. I need to retrieve the deleted text from my iPhone 5 however the only ways I’m finding to restore them are if I have a recent iTunes or iCloud backup, which I do not. The Last time I backed up my iPhone 5 was when the iOS 8 came out. I then got my iPhone 6 and haven’t backed this one up at all. But the texts are from last week is there any hope for me to restore deleted text messages on iphone 5 without a recent iTunes backup? HELP ME PLEASE!” Continue reading

How to Auto-delete old messages on iOS 8 iPhone/iPad

One of the largest culprits when it comes to chewing through the storage on your iPhone or iPad is the Messages. From regular text messages to iMessages to photos, videos, and audio notes, they all take up space. In some cases, several gigabytes. However, iOS 8 brings with it an awesome feature that lets you set messages to delete automatically after a set amount of time. That means more storage space freed up regularly without you actually having to think about it! (View deleted message on iPhone) Continue reading