Another Terrible iOS Flaw Will Make Your iPhone Reboot Repeatedly


According to Engadget, at San Francisco’s RSA conference, an even more terrifying exploit has been revealed that has the power to send your iPhone or iPad into a perpetual restart loop. Mobile security firm Skycure has discovered that iOS 8 has an innate vulnerability to SSL certificates that, when combined with another WiFi exploit, gives malicious types the ability to create “no iOS zones” that can render your smartphones and tablets unusable. Before you read on, grab a roll of tinfoil and start making a new case for your iPhone. Scroll down to watch the video.  Continue reading

How To Transfer Calendars From Your Computer To iPhone?


In my previous article, I have taught you how to recover your iPhone deleted calendars and transfer the recovered calendars to your computer with iFonebox. However, most people wrote to us whether there is a method to transfer all those recovered calendars from the computer to their iPhone or iPad. Finally, I have found a method to help all of you who want to transfer calendars from computer to your iOS devices. Here we go.  Continue reading

Methods To Recover Deleted iMessage Conversation On iPhone


“Hi, I accidentally deleted a whole conversation in IMessage on my 5s, when I just wanted to delete a photo.  Can I recover it? iPhone 5s, iOS 8.2”

Obviously, this iPhone 5S user lost his iMessages and he wanted to recover it but had no ideas. I think if you always read posts from my blog, it is not difficult for you to find a better solution to recover deleted iMessage conversation on your iPhone or iPad. Want to learn more? Keep reading this article.  Continue reading

How Do I Copy Photos From My iPhone To My iMac?


“Trying to move pics from my iPhone 5 to my iMac.  Finder does not see my iPhone and iTunes seems to want me to copy from my iMac to my iPhone.  Just need to clear some stuff off. Thanks. iPhone 5”

As to copy photos from iPhone to iMac, the most common method to make it is via iPhoto. But obviously, this doesn’t work for this user. Hence, here are two methods introduced to copy photos from your iPhone to the iMac.  Continue reading

How To Restore Lost iPad Mini Photos From iTunes Backup?

How To Restore Lost iPad Mini Photos From iTunes Backup

“I backed up my iPad mini to my Mac laptop. I then erased/restored my iPad mini from that backup. I had 660 photos, now I have 143. When the backup first starts, it shows 660 photos. When restore finishes, its only 143. Help! iPad Mini, iOS 8.3″ Continue reading

How To Restore Lost Voice Memos After Update To iOS 8.3?


“Just feel so sad. I’ve lost some important voice memos from my iPhone 6 when updated to iOS 8.3 and I wanted to get them back urgently. They are important to me. Can anyone help? I have an itunes data but it will erase all data in my iPhone. So can anyone help me, please. Thank you” Continue reading

Tips To Fix Touch ID Problem After Update To iOS 8.3

Tips To Fix Touch ID Problem After Update To iOS 8.3

Is anyone else unable to use touch ID in app store using iOS 8.3? Some one asked such a question on Apple Community and indeed, many people reflected such Touch ID issue. What is lucky is that now I have found some tips to help you solve the annoying Touch ID problem after update to iOS 8.3. Want to know how to fix? Keep reading this article.  Continue reading