How To Recover Lost iMessages From iPhone 5 Running iOS 8.3?


This apparently is not something new, but it was new to me as of yesterday. I had a portion of my iMessage conversation go missing from Friday, June 12. This is the first time this has happened and I want it to be the last. I also don’t seem to be having any luck getting the messages back and it would appear very few people do. If there is anything I am missing other than turning off and on or doing a restore please advise. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you. iPhone 5, iOS 8.3 Continue reading

Transfer iPhone Voice Memos To Computer Before Update To iOS 8.4


A user wrote to me that he wanted to transfer all his voice memos from iPhone 6 to computer so as to update to iOS 8.4. He does not want to use email, for it is too complicated and troublesome. He wondered whether there is any method to transfer iPhone voice memos to computer once. As to such a question, I’d like to say, yes, there is another choice to transfer all voice memos from iPhone 6 to computer before update to iOS 8.4.  Continue reading

How To Recover Deleted iMessages From iPhone With iOS 8.4


When it comes to deleted iMessages recovery, what would you do to recover lost iMesages? Most people have the difficulty in recovering deleted iMessages from their iPhone 6 or other iOS device, for they only know restore iMesages from iTunes or iCloud backup. Actually, if you want to restore deleted iMessages from iTunes or iCloud backup, you may erased the existing data from your iDevice. So, today, I want to show you how to recover deleted iMessages from iPhone with iOS 8.4 or iOS 8.3.

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Recover Deleted Contacts From iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S Running iOS 8.4


Contacts always plays an important role in our life, for without it, you will feel lonely and separated from the outside world.  Previously, some people asked me such a question: how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone that runs iOS 8.3? Actually, this is not a quite completed problem. Today, I want to show you recover deleted contacts from iPhone running iOS 8.4, to be released later this month, just the same as iOS 8.3.  Continue reading

Restore iDevice Lost Data From iCloud Backup After Update To iOS 8.4


Apple plans to seed iOS 8.4 GM (Gold Master) to the developers and the iOS 8.4 GM will succeed iOS 8.4 beta 4 and will most likely be the final pre-release version before the software update is publicly released. After iOS 8.4 publicly release, many problems about data loss may happen just as previous iOS version release. Today, another method is introduced to restore your iDevice lost data from iCloud backup once update to iOS 8.4.  Continue reading