I Need To Recover Disappeared Contacts From iPhone


I needed to recover my contacts. When I upgraded to iOS 8.4 on my
iPhone, everything was fine until about 2 days later when I connected to my
WIFI and suddenly SOME of my contacts disappeared. Then numbers were
still in my text messages but the names were gone. Numbers that were stored
in my phone that I had never texted before(for example: a restaurant) were
completely gone. I called Apple support and was told to check cloud. Well
the contacts that were still in my phone were the ones in the cloud. I am
thinking that an error happened and everything not in the cloud was erased
from my phone. This also happened to two of my other friends as well. Continue reading

How To Recover Lost Notes From iPhone?


I was looking at my notes and clicked back to look at a different note. I watched three to five of my notes disappear instantaneously and I didn’t touch anything. Please help! I had some important information and reminders in those notes. iPhone 6, iOS 8.4.

It is always annoying when notes which contain important information are lost. When you are encountered with such a problem, what to do to recover lost notes from your iPhone? Usually, if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for your lost notes, you can restore them from backup data. But you cannot selectively restore notes from your iTunes or iCloud backup. So here, another method is introduced to help you recover lost notes from iPhone.  Continue reading

Tips To Enable Low Power Mode In iOS 9 To Save Battery Life


At WWDC 2015, Apple has unveiled some new features of the upcoming iOS 9 and one of the features is Lower Power Mode. But if a user knows that they have a long day ahead of them, they can manually enable iOS 9’s new “Low Power Mode” at any point to maximize their iPhone’s uptime, according to AppleInsiderContinue reading

Recover Deleted Data From iPhone With New iFonebox 2.1.3


When some important data a re deleted from your iPhone or iPad, what do you usually do to recover them? For example, you just delete some text messages from your close friends accidentally, and you need to get those deleted text messages back. How? At this point, iFonebox is able to do you a favor to recover deleted data from your iPhone. While the new released version of iFonebox 2.1.3 adds more functions and you can better experience iFonebox now. You can scroll down to watch the video about iFonebox 2.1.3 directly. Continue reading

How To Retrieve Lost Photos And Videos After Upgrading iPhone?


I have an iPhone 5S and decided to upgrade my phone after connecting it to my laptop.  Now, a vast number of my photos and some stored videos disappeared. How can I get them back? iPhone 5S

Actually, I cannot get much more information from the above post. I just get the question that this iPhone 5S user needed to retrieve those lost photos and videos. I cannot make sure whether this user has an iTunes or iCloud backup for those photos and videos before update his iPhone. So I wrote this article to retrieve lost photos and videos for this user in the precondition that he had an iTunes or iCloud backup for those photos and videos.  Continue reading

It Seems Apple Has Plans For 4-Inch iPhone 6C In 2015


It rumors that Apple plans for the 4-inch iPhone 6C in 2.15. While several reports since last December claimed that Apple was planning to release a new 4-inch “iPhone 6c” as a low-cost option alongside the so-called “iPhone 6s” and “iPhone 6s Plus” later this year, Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri recently told investors that supply chain evidence of the rumored smartphone has seemingly disappeared since around March, according to MacRumorsContinue reading

How To Extract Data From A Broken iTunes Backup File?


An user reflected a situation that his iTunes backup file was broken when he restored data from iTunes backup to his iPhone 6. Have you ever met with such a problem? When update to iTunes 12.2, many people have encountered with the problem that they just failed to restore iTunes backup for, the iTunes backup files are broken. So the question is, how to extract data from a broken iTunes backup file?  Continue reading

Apple Watch Is To Be Selling At Best Buy On August 7


It is confirmed that Apple Watch will be selling at Best Buy on August 7, this year. It was announced Sunday that Apple will be making Apple Watch available at more than 100 Best Buy stores in the U.S. on Aug. 7, making the big box electronics retailer the first major outlet to carry Watch outside of Apple’s own stores, according to Apple InsidersContinue reading

How To Transfer Calendars From iPhone 6 To Computer?


How do you sync calendars between an iPhone 6  iOS 8.4 and an iMac OS X 10.9.5?  It was working.  However, something changed and the calendars do not sync now. How to transfer calendars from iPhone 6 to computer? My device is iPhone 6 with iOS 8.4. Help, please.  Continue reading