Tips To Recover Deleted Data Like Contacts From iPhone With iOS 9


Apple is going to release iOS 9 this fall and it is quite approaching. Before update to iOS 9, what you should be aware is that it is necessary and important to have a full-scale backup for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch just in case of data loss. If accidents happen, don’t worry, we have several tips for you to recover those deleted data like contacts, notes, calendars, iMessages, WhatsApp messages, photos, etc, from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.  Continue reading

How To Transfer/Copy Contacts Only From iPhone 4 To iPhone 6?


I want to copy all contacts, only contacts from my iPhone 4 to my new iPhone 6. I don’t need to transfer the whole backup to iPhone 6. I have tried to use the sale iCloud ID and sync contacts between iDevice, but it failed. Can anyone tell me how to transfer only contacts from iPhone 4 to new iPhone 6? Thanks.  Continue reading

Can I Recover Deleted Camera Roll Photos From iPhone 6?


I need help. My 3-year-old girl played my iPhone 6 and she just deleted photos from camera roll. Those photos are significant to me, for they are memories when our family travel together. I remember I have an iTunes backup for those photos, but I don’t want to restore the whole iTunes backup to my iPhone 6. I just need to photos, can anyone tell me how to recover deleted camera roll photos? Thanks in advance. iPhone 6, iOS 8.4.1 Continue reading

How Do I Upload Messages From iPhone 6 To My Computer?


How do I upload my messages from my iPhone 6 to my laptop computer so that I can edit them and save them? A user asked me such a question. In other words, he wants to transfer messages from iPhone 6 to the computer so as to better manage them. So do you have any good suggestions? Continue reading

A Leaked Video Shows What iPhone 6S Will Look Like


Next month, Apple is going to unveil its new iPhone, named as iPhone 6S, and now, we can have a overview from a leaked video, which shows us what iPhone 6S will look like, according to MacRumors. The leaked videos shows iPhone 6S  logic board and display assembly paired with a number of iPhone 6 components such as the rear shell and battery to create a device that starts up enough to be able to display a screen showing a gear icon. Continue reading

Recover All Lost Contacts On My iPhone 6S


It is quite obvious when users upgrade to a new iPhone 6S once it is released, problems about data loss will shock us. Usually, iOS data from iPhone 6S like contacts, notes, photos, messages, etc, are easy to lose. Last time, I have shared how to recover deleted notes on iPhone 6S. Today, a post about how to recover all lost contacts on iPhone 6S is introduced. Continue reading

It Is Impossible To Downgrade To iOS 8.4 From iOS 8.4.1


Just wondering if anyone experienced any issues after the latest iOS update to 8.4.1, because personally I wish I could not done it! Thank you Apple for messing up my device. Since then I haven’t been able to: open links from email, download or upgrade apps, access the iTunes & App Store menu options, from Settings, iCloud doesn’t run the backup anymore. Tried to restore to previous version, but didn’t work either and from what I read on forums, Apple said there might not be another update release till iOS 9.0…! I am crazy now. Can anyone tell me how to downgrade to previous version?  Continue reading