How to fix “the last backup could not be completed” iCloud Error

If you have swtiched automatic iCloud backup on, there is no need to worry about icloud backing up much unless something goes wrong. When you unfortunately run into the error messages reading “ the last backup could not be completed”, you need to work out solution to fix it. So here in this post, we are going to share some simple ones. Continue reading

Contact Name Missing From Text Message Since iOS 9 Upgrade


“Contacts are saved but since the iOS 9 update, when I get a text message, no name appears only the telephone number in the notification screen? But I open the text, the name appears at the top, just when initial text notification comes through. Bizarrely this only happens with a few people in my contact list.” Continue reading

How To Recover Messages Lost Due to Phone Replacement?


“Had an iPhone 4s for a few years, backed it up frequently. My parents back at home bought and activated a new iPhone 6 for me, keeping my same number. For two weeks all messages sent to my number went to my iPhone 6 instead of my 4s. When I finally got home and checked my 6, I saw over 70 messages waiting for me. I backed up my iPhone 4s and then synced that data onto my iPhone 6. Once that transfer was finished however, I noticed my inbox now contained only messages from my 4s, the 70 new ones from my 6 were nowhere to be found. Is there any way of getting these messages back?” Continue reading

How To Extract Text Messages Only from iTunes Backup?


Extract text messages only from iTunes backup file? Sounds like a mission impossible! Though you can locate iTunes backup file specifically no matter you are using Mac OS installed computer or Windows running computer, there is no way to view certain data like messages. Continue reading

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages to iPhone?

If you want to get back your deleted messages, there are iTunes or iCloud backup file through which you can restore your iPhone and third party iPhone data recovery software that can selectively recover your lost or deleted text messages. Though you can recover the deleted messages to computer for record keeping and convenient reading, it would be great if the deleted text messages can be recovered to iPhone. Continue reading

Free up space on your 16GB iPhone 6s


Apple didn’t increase basic storage space on new entry-level iPhones this year, which means the 16GB iPhone 6s is the cheapest new iPhone you can buy. It also means that you might run into storage issues on the handset regardless of Apple’s new iOS 9 features that are supposed to make more storage available to the user. Continue reading