How To Recover Deleted Notes to iPad Selectively?


As one the core apps comes stock with iOS, Notes app can be used to take down a lot of important things in our daily life and work. We take notes about your travel planning, how we would like to decorate a new house, what we are going to shop from a supermarket, and the partnership proposal you will offer to your partner, what you should eat every day when you are on diet and the list goes on. Thus the notes takes such an important role in your life and work, and you cannot afford losing them. Continue reading

How To Undelete Notes from iTunes Backup To iPhone


You take notes when you are reading some beautiful words, you take notes for the partnership proposal, you take notes about where to travel and you take notes even when great idea strike on you, for whatever reason, you take notes because you want to keep a record of what is important for you. What if you lost the notes you have taken from your iPhone? Have you ever thinking about how to undelete the lost notes items? Continue reading

Apple’s Safari Problem Causing iPhones To Crash Is Fixed

So maybe you heard from friends that Apple announced earnings yesterday – another record quarter, but with trouble on the horizon. iPhone sales weren’t as good as hoped, and revenue is expected to decline in the current quarter. You’d like to know more, so you fire up Apple’s Safari Web browser on your Mac or iOS device and start searching and . . . Continue reading

How To Download Voice Memos from iPhone to Mac or PC?


There are a lot of precious voices that you want to record and keep including the laughter of your baby, impressive speech on your wedding, important conversation with clients, minutes of meeting, an awesome idea that strikes you while waiting for the bus and the like. But once you record and save those voices using Voice Memo on your iPhone, they gobble up large storage space. Therefore, you need to download and transfer the voice memos from your iPhone to your Mac and PC. And there are different ways to do so. Continue reading

iPhone 5SE Release Rumored To Come In March 2016

Could Apple be on the verge of breaking with its usual annual September release cycle and reveal a new phone this March? A new report from 9to5 Mac suggests that the world’s wealthiest tech company could indeed be doing just that, and more: releasing a new, smaller-screen “iPhone 5SE.” Continue reading

How to Back Up iPhone to External Hard Drive


I want to be able to backup my iPhone 4 to an external harddrive since I don’t have enough space on my MacBook Pro hard drive, how do I dothat? I have already moved all the iTunes libraries and media folder to that externaldrive and need to know how to default the IPhone4 backup to the external drive.I am using iTunes. Continue reading

How To Get Photos Off iPhone or iPad Without iTunes?


If you have large amount of photos stored on your iPhone or iPad and want to transfer all the photos to computer, no matter it is Mac or PC. Actually, there are more than one way to do so and you don’t need iTunes at all. Now I am going to introducer a couple of different ways to transfer photos from iPhone or iPad without using iTunes.  Continue reading