How to Merge SMS from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6?


“I want to merge my old text messages to my new iPhone 6. I have started using my new 6 which has a number of text messages I want to keep but now I want to transfer old sms from my iPhone 5 (backed up to iTunes 1 hour ago). I know I can restore the 6 from the 5 backup but will this overwrite the new content on the 6? I also see many ways to save the old messages to PC but very little on moving them to the new phone, and again will this overwrite new messages? I’m using Windows 7,the latest iTunes and iOS 8 on the 5.   iPhone 6, iOS 9”  Continue reading

iOS 9.2.1 Found To Give Speed Boosts To Older iPhones


A couple of days ago, Apple released iOS 9.2.1. The update seemed to just be a bug fix and did not really introduce anything new. Now for those of you still using older iPhones, you might loathe the idea of updating because from what we have seen, updating just seems to make your phone even slower. Continue reading

How To Retrieve iPhone Text Messages Lost After a Reboot?


“I have been using Message app on my iPhone these days to message with my friends. This morning I got a message from a VIP customer of his schedule to London next week. While I was about to tap to show the text, the phone crashed and rebooted automatically. When the phone recovered, not only my client’s SMS, but all messages stored on my phone vanished. I can ask my client to send again his plan but what about the rest messages? Can anyone here suggest a way to retrieve the vanished messages? Is it possible to get back the lost messages?”  Continue reading

Different Ways to Print iPhone Text Messaging Conversation


As many people inquire whether there it is possible to print the text messaging conversation from iPhone, I would like to introduce a couple of different ways to print iPhone text messages from Mac and Windows computers. Continue reading

What Are the Differences Between iMessages and Messages?


As a new iOS user, you may have no idea of the difference between iMessages and regular texts or SMS messages? New iPhone users that can’t differentiate between iMessages and SMS messages can acquire extra charges to their monthly smartphone bills, because they might end up sending SMSes or MMSes instead of iMessages. Continue reading

How To Recover Randomly Deleted Messages?


“All of a sudden all of the conversations in my messages app were reduced to the very last message sent (either by myself or the other) for each conversation. I found it very odd as I didnt mess with any settings or purposely delete any conversations. Does anyone know how/why this happened and if I can recover the conversations that were there before??”  iPhone 5s, iOS 9.2.  Continue reading

Apple Will Start Charging for iTunes Radio on January 28th


Apple just sent out an email alerting customers that iTunes Radio, the company’s answer to Pandora, will no longer be free as of January 28th. “All radio stations except for Beats 1 will be available exclusively to Apple Music members,” the message reads. So listening to Zane Lowe and Apple’s other hired DJs will still cost nothing. Continue reading