Is It Possible To See Deleted Messages on iPhone?


Deleting messages from iPhone accidently happens from time to time. It seemed that there is nothing you can do to see the delete messages on iPhone again if you have no backup at all. Well, it is not true. You can see the deleted messages on your iPhone just with a third party iPhone data recovery software. Continue reading

How To Recover Erased Text Messages on iPhone 6s ?

If your iPhone 6s text messages are erased, it usually means they are permanently wiped off. And it turns out to be impossible to recover the erased text messages from iPhone directly. As long as you have backed up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, you should have an iTunes or iCloud backup file, you can retrieve the erased text messages on iPhone 6s with third party iPhone data recovery software.  Continue reading

How To Retrieve Note from iTunes or iCloud Backup Selectively?


If you back up your iPhone or other iDevices to iTunes to iCloud regularly, you are able to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the backup file. However, with the iTunes or iCloud backup file, retrieving certain data like notes selectively becomes possible and easy.  Continue reading

How To Recover Deleted iPhone Data without iTunes?


Not all people like iTunes, though it is important to have iTunes to back up and restore data on your iPhone. There are also some people who just have no idea how to use iTunes at all. Besides, iTunes does backup iPhone data but the iTunes backup file itself is not readable file. Unless you restore the backup file to your iPhone, it means nothing. Continue reading

How To Save Messages Attached Photos from iPhone to Computer?


If you use your iPhone to message your friends and family a lot, you will find that there are a lot of photos attached to the messages for sharing. These attached photos are as important as the text messages and you’d better save the attached photos off your iPhone in case something goes wrong and all the attached photos get deleted.  Continue reading

How To Retrieve Deleted Notes from iPhone SE?


People always run into the trouble of accidental data loss with their iPhones and there is no exception to the lastes iPhone SE. Some of my friends called to ask for help about how to recover the accidently deleted notes items which are terribly important for them. Continue reading

How To View iPhone Messages from iTunes Backup?


It is surely a good habit to back up your iPhone to your computer through iTunes and created an iTunes backup file. However, the iTunes backup file is not readable and it does not allow direct access to certain data like messages, contacts, notes or photos. Unless you restore your iPhone from the iTunes backup, there is no possibility for reading iPhone text messages.  Continue reading

Where Do I Find iPhone Contacts on iTunes?


Backing up your iPhone to iTunes is a regular way to keep a backup for all the data on your iPhone. In this way, you can safeguard your iPhone data against accidental loss. The problem is that the iTunes backup itself is not a readable file and you are able to separate data contacts, say the contacts.  Continue reading