Apple might start pointing out iMessage autocorrect fails


Apple is planning to ruin one of the most hilarious aspects of using an iPhone: iMessage autocorrect, which routinely changes the most basic of texts into something offensive, sexual, or just completely off-base. The company just filed a patent application for a new iMessage feature that would tell a recipient when autocorrect has been at work.  Continue reading

How To Reclaim Deleted iMessages History from iPhone SE?


A friend called and complained that he had bought the latest model of iPhone SE and deleted some of iMessages history. He has an iTunes backup file but it has been created months ago for his old iPhone. So he wonder whether it is possible to reclaim the deleted iMessages history from iPhone SE. The answer is definitely yes. One can regain the deleted iMessages history from iPhone SE, regardless of having no backup file at all. Continue reading

How To Recover iPhone SMS Text Messages Selectively and Safely?


Though sending voice messages are much more convenient, most people are still inclined to SMS text messaging, considering Wi-Fi is not always available. And We show and express what we cannot with words through sending text messages. Accidents happens every so often. We get iPhone SMS messages lost or deleted accidentally, much often than not, with no good reason at all. It becomes necessary to learn how to recover lost or deleted iPhone SMS text messages . Continue reading

How To View Deleted iMessages History on Windows?


Do you know that deleted iMessages can be recovered? If you have iTunes or iCloud back up file, it will be super easy to get back the deleted iMessages through restoring iPhone from the backup file. What if you want to view the deleted iMessages history on a Windows computer? Is it possible to recover and export the deleted iMessages to Windows computer for convenient viewing?   Continue reading

Top Useful iPhone SE Tips and Tricks


If you’ve been tempted to buy an iPhone SE and you’d like to unlock your new phone’s potential, then you’re in the right place. Behold, our menu of tasty, bite-sized tips designed to help you get more from your smartphone. After all, they do say big things often come in small packages — and it doesn’t get much smaller than the SE.  Continue reading

How To Print Text Messaes from iCloud Backup?


It is a great habit to back up iPhone messages to iCloud through creating iCloud backup file on your iPhone. However, there is no more way to manage and export the iPhone text messages from the iCloud backup selectively, let alone printing the text messages from the iCloud backup. The only way to access the messages from the iCloud backup is to restore the entire backup to your iPhone, which causes data overwriting and permanent erasing easily. Continue reading

How To reclaim deleted iPhone messages and spy on cheating?


If you noticed that your partner had been keeping on deleting messages from iPhone, you have reason to mistrust him or her. Reclaiming their text messages may be a way for you to find out more about what they are doing when you are not around. Although this may lead to an ending of a romantic relationship, it offers a way for us to spy the partner’s cheating and what they have been attempting to hide at least. Continue reading

How To Back Up iPhone Messages to Mac Without iTunes


As more and more people prefer to texting and sending messages to friends and family, texting messages has become the vogue instead of making phone calls. Text messages you send can always express more than what you can with speaking over the phones. The meaningful messages therefore turn out to be the most important data on your iPhone. Supposing you have received a funny message from a friend and want to save it to your Mac computer, what should you do?  Continue reading