How To Backup WhatsApp On iPhone Without iCloud Or iTunes?


Interesting question. How to backup whatsapp on iPhone without using iCloud or iTunes? Generally speaking, the easiest way to backup iPhone whatsapp data is via iCloud, for in the app itself, you have the chance to backup whatsapp data via iCloud. But for some people, they want to backup whatsapp not using iTunes or iCloud, because, it is not convenient to access and view whatsapp data from backup when wished. So is it possible to backup whatsapp data from iPhone without iCloud or iTunes? Definitely yes. Keep reading and you will fresh up your mind.  Continue reading

How To Download Voice Memos From iTunes Backup To PC?


Is there any advice to download voice memos  from iTunes backup to PC? Usually, we can use iTunes to backup iPhone data like voice memos easily, however, it is hard to access and view them when you need. Thus, how to download voice memos from iTunes backup to computer? If interested, just keep reading here.  Continue reading

How To Backup iPhone Contacts To Computer To View?


“Can you help me to backup my iPhone contacts to computer so that I can view and use them on my PC?” One customer sent such an email to me. Thus, how to backup iPhone contacts to computer to view? Is that possible? Absolutely yes. Here, I will introduce two methods to help you save iPhone contacts to computer easily.

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How To Get Back iPhone Deleted WhatsApp If Not Backed Up?


I enjoy chatting with my friends over WhatsApp, we can share delicious food, travel experiences, weather changes, and more with WhatsApp. This morning, I deleted some conversations with my friend which I really need get them back. What’s worse, there is no any backup for me to recover. What should I do now? Continue reading