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Get answers to some of the most common questions about iCloud Keychain:

How can I use iCloud keychain?

7 most common topics about icloud keychain

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To use iCloud Keychain, you need iOS 7.0.3 or later on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and OS X Mavericks 10.9 or later on your Mac. Learn about availability by country or region.

When you update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the latest iOS, the setup assistant asks you to set up iCloud Keychain. Instructions vary based on whether you’re using two-factor authentication or another type of security, like your email, password, or security questions.

What information does iCloud Keychain store?

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iCloud Keychain stores credit card numbers and expiration dates—without storing or autofilling the security code—and passwords and usernames, Wi-Fi networks, Internet accounts, and more. Developers can also update their apps to use keychain, if the app is on a device that uses iOS 7.0.3 or later, or OS X Mavericks 10.9 and later.

Can I view and edit my passwords stored in iCloud Keychain?

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Yes. You can access your passwords to websites, Wi-Fi networks, and Internet accounts via the specific application. For example, use Safari to access and edit your Safari passwords.

How does iCloud Keychain protect my information?

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iCloud protects your information with end-to-end encryption, which provides the highest level of data security. Your data is protected with a key that’s made from information unique to your device, and combined with your device passcode, which only you know. No one else can access or read this data, either in transit or storage.

What happens when I turn off iCloud Keychain on a device?

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When you turn off iCloud Keychain for a device, you’re asked to keep or delete the passwords and credit card information that you saved. If you choose to keep the information, it isn’t deleted or updated when you make changes on other devices.

Can I make sure my information isn’t backed up in iCloud?

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Yes. When you set up iCloud Keychain, skip the step to create an iCloud Security Code. Your keychain data is then stored locally on the device, and updates across only your approved devices. If you don’t create an iCloud Security Code, Apple can’t help you recover your iCloud Keychain.

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Can Apple recover my iCloud Security Code?

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No. If you enter your iCloud Security Code incorrectly too many times, you can’t use that iCloud Keychain. You can contact Apple Support to verify your identity and try again. After several incorrect attempts, your keychain is removed from Apple’s servers, and you need to set it up again.

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