A Method To Back Up iPhone Without iTunes And iCloud


Hi, I have iPhone of the first generation and have recently bought a new 5S. How can I back up my old iPhone contacts to my PC and then transfer them to my new iPhone? I obviously cannot use the iCloud with the old iPhone. I also do not want to sync the iPhone with iTunes in order to transfer the contacts to the PC since I am on a new laptop and the music on the iPhone will get deleted during sync with my new empty iTunes library. Is there any other method to back up my iPhone? 

The above was extracted from Apple Community and obviously, this user had difficulty in backing up his iPhone. He did want to use iCloud or iTunes to back up his iPhone and do you have another method to help him? I got one method to help him back up iPhone without iTunes or iCoud.

If you want to back up your iPhone without iTunes or iCloud, iFonebox can help you back up your iPhone. iFonebox is a powerful iOS data recovery tool which is able to recover deleted data like contacts, notes, messages and more from your iPhone or iPad. Plus, iFonebox is also a great helper to extract and restore lost data from your iTunes or iCloud backup files, quite functional. One more attractive function of iFonebox is that it is supportive to back up your iPhone via transferring entire data from your iPhone to your computer. Quite practical.

How to use iFonebox to back up your iPhone?

In order to use iFonebox to back up your iPhone, you need to download and install it firstly. There are two versions optional: Windows version and Mac version. Next are three simple steps that you can refer to:

  1. Run iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device.
  2. Scan data from your iPhone.
  3. Preview and select data to back up. You can click Recover all to back up and transfer all data from your iPhone to your computer, or you can select the data you need to back up.


This is the whole process to back up your iPhone with iFonebox, pretty convenient and fast.


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