Apple iWatch: Feature, Release data, Price, Rumors

What time is it? If you check your watch, you may find that it’s a text message past a Twitter notification but if you check the zeitgeist, you’ll find that it’s wearable tech time.that’s smartwatch.

Samsung, Sony and Pebble are already making waves in the smartwatch space, and soon enough it could be Apple’s turn to release the iWatch. iWatch is the name colloquially assigned to Apple’s unannounced, still in-development wearable computing device.

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Apple iWatch function 

If Apple does go with the name iWatch, the device itself will probably only be a watch to the extent the iPhone is a phone — it’ll have a clock button on it. Other rumored functionality include extensive health and fitness functionality, potentially including blood sugar, hydration, heart-rate, and other monitors built in, as well as integration with a rumored iOS 8 app called Healthbook running on iPhone 6 and similar hardware. Notification and Control Center integration is also possible, with a low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 connection serving as the relay.

iWatch Release Date
No one knows the specific release date of iWatch, nothing is official until Apple announces it up on the keynote stage. Despite early reports of a 2013 target date and even reports of early production runs, the reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that Apple’s smart watch project was not as far along as previously believed, with Kuo indicating that a late 2014 launch would be more likely. This later target date is also corroborated by sources of the Financial Times as well as supply chain sources, all of which are pointing to late next year as more likely. Quanta has been rumored to be lined up to begin production of the iWatch in the second quarter of 2014, which would line up with a public launch later in the year.

The iWatch price 
Remember before the iPad launched and everyone thought it’d be $1,000? Oh, how we laugh about that now. Clearly, though, until we have a better idea of what the Apple Watch is and whether Apple is actually going to ship it, nobody has the faintest idea what it’ll cost.
Nobody but one anonymous analyst who had a stab at pricing and reckons somewhere between $149 and $229 seems likely.

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