Apple Watch Is Easy To Be Stolen Without Activation Lock


As we all know that our iPhone and iPad are protected by activation lock, which means even though iPhone or iPad is stolen by theft, there are still chances to find it. But if your Apple Watch is stolen, you will lose it forever. 

According to MacRumors, there is nothing that stops a lost or stolen Apple Watch from being wiped and paired with a new iPhone. The Apple Watch has a passcode option that requires a sequence of numbers to be entered every time it’s removed from a wrist, but the passcode protects only data.

The passcode is also easily bypassed with a reset. Pressing down on the side button of the Apple Watch brings up the power down options and a force press on this screen brings up an option to Erase All content and Settings. Erasing the Apple Watch in this manner erases the passcode and allows the Apple Watch to be paired with a new device, with no hint of the original owner’s information available.


Because there’s no Activation Lock and because the Apple Watch is reliant on the iPhone, there’s also no Find My iPhone option to locate a lost or stolen Apple Watch. Due to this lack of security, it’s possible the Apple Watch will become a major target for thieves.

What will Apple do to solve this security problem?

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