Can I Back Up iPhone 5 WeChat with One Contact Selectively?


“My Gramp passed away a couple of weeks ago, which is such a sorrow that I cannot talk it anymore. We have a strong bond and share a lot of things through WeChat. I would like to bring the wechat on his iPohne 5 down to computer for permanent memory keeping as iPhone is an accident-prone gadget and I cannot risk long any of the wechat messages with my late Gramp. But I don’t know how. Is there any way to back up the WeChat conversation with my Gramp selectively from iPhone?”

As WeChat messages can be such important thing in one’s life, it is necessary to learn a way to extract the iPhone 5 WeChat chat history with our beloved ones from iPhone to computer for backup to guard against accidental losing which we cannot afford. Is there any way to extract and backup WeChat chat history selectively and directly from iPhone 5 to computer.

Today I would like to introduce a professional third party utility to help you export and transfer the iPhone 5 wechat conversations to computer. The powerful third party iPhone data recovery software is iFonebox, which is capable of saving wechat conversations off iPhone 5 selectively. It is so easy to use. You can accomplish exporting and transferring iPhone 5 WeChat conversations with one WeChat contact selectively to computer for backup just with a few clicks.

Here is how.

> Install and launch the full version of iFonebox.
Note: iFonebox is developed for both Windows and Mac OS X users, please choose the correct version to download and install according to what kind of machine you are going to run iFonebox on.
> Connect the iPhone 5 to computer and click “Start” after your iPhone is recognized by iFonebox.
Note: If iFonebox does not detect your iPhone 5 successfully, please make sure whether you have trusted your computer on your iPhone.
> Choose WeChat Messages to scan selectively from the interface listing all the supported data categories.
> After the data scanning and analyzing is completed, all the wechat chat history will be presented in list for previewing.
> Choose the conversation or chat history you want to export from iPhone 5 and recover to your computer for backup.


After the recovering process ends, you will be brought to the destination folder where all the recovered wechat conversations are located.

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