Steps To Deleted Old iCloud Backups To Save More Space


When a device is set to backup to iCloud, Apple always automatically backs up data and settings stored locally on the particular device. You need to know that iCloud backups include purchase history from the iTunes or App Store, app data, home screen and app organization, iMessage/SMS/MMS text messages, device settings, and visual voicemail on an iOS device. You also should know that the free space for iCloud backup is only 5 GB, so sometimes, you have to delete some old iCloud backup to save more space. Continue reading

Best iPhone and iPad apps for college students: Start the school year off right!

iPhone/iPad users, Are you Looking for the great iOS App to help you stay on top of things at college this year? No matter how far along you are in your college career, it’s never too late to load up your iPhone or iPad with great iOS apps that can help you study harder, organize better, and tackle assignments better than ever. Regardless what you need help with, there are tons of App Store apps to help. These are the iPhone and iPad apps we think no college student should ever go without!  Continue reading

Fantastic iOS Data Recovery software updated: iFonebox

Auntec has updated the ios data recovery software, iFonebox to, which has successfully helped numerous iPhone/iPad users recover deleted iOS data like contacts,notes,messagesphotos, etc.

Since the release of iFonebox, this ios data recovery software was well-received by user
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Learn a new language with Duolingo on your iPhone or iPad

Summer h0liday is coming, and we have time for some fun in the sun. It also means we have time to expand our horizons, to learn and do new and exciting things. One such thing is learning a new language. How we communicate and how we think are limited only by our command of language, beautiful, lyrical, contextual, nuanced, delicious language. And apps like Duolingo make it easier than ever to learn a new language, to do it from your deck or poolside, from your living room or hotel room, and right on your iPhone and iPad


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