Apple Watch Prolongs iPhone Battery Life


Apple Watch has been on shipment officially and most people have received this fashionable iWatch. Before, some people are concerned about the battery life of Apple Watch just as iPhone 6. But it seems that new Apple Watch can not only lasting a full day, but prolongs your iPhone battery life, according to MacRumorsContinue reading

Is It Worth To Buy Apple Watch? This Video Will Tell You


Now Apple Watch has been on sales officially and the first Apple Watch was sent to an Australian man. Most people have got the question: is it worth to buy an Apple Watch? Some users reflected that it is quite comfortable to wear the Watch here, I found a video for you and after watch it, I guess you will buy one. Just watch it. Continue reading

Several Secrets That You Mustn’t Know About Apple Watch


The pre-order day of Apple Watch has made it a huge success. So many people will choose to buy an Apple Watch but how much do you know about Apple Watch? Do you know that Apple Watch can take a screen shot? Do you know that you can pay for things without Apple Pay? Here, I have found some surprising secrets of Apple Watch that you could not know from cnet.comContinue reading

Things You Need To Know About Apple Watch


After months of fanfare, finally, Apple Watch was revealed officially in the Media Event on March 9.The wearable device has fueled speculation and rumors since Cook first teased it along with the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in September, and finally more has been revealed. Here, something you need to know about Apple Watch if you want to own one.  Continue reading

Have You Got Ready For A New Apple Watch?


Have you got ready for an Apple Watch?

It’s Monday now and Apple Inc will announce more details about the Apple Watch in Spring Forward Media event in San Francisco. There are still plenty of unknowns about what the company will be showing off beyond a focus on the Apple Watch. Continue reading

Apple Watch Retail Sales Strategy Has Been Revealed


I learn that many customers have decided that they want to have a stylish and fashionable Apple Watch. Apple Inc has unveiled the retail sales strategy for the upcoming Apple Watch, which may be helpful to those who want to have such a beautiful Apple Watch. In a new report this afternoon, 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman shares 3 key points from their training including key features, iPhone compatibility and style.  Continue reading

How to Recover Apple Watch Lost Notes?


Apple Watch will be released in this March. Once it released, expect the basic functions, some people also will pay attention to the recovery of the data. As Apple watch is easy to carry, many Apple users will take it to make notes. If you unintentionally lost or deleted some notes in your Apple Watch and these notes are important for you. Then you will search for a way to recover these lost Apple Watch notes. Can you get lost Apple Watch Notes back? The answer is completed YES. Here, we will show you an easy and fast way to recover lost notes from Apple Watch. Continue reading