Is There Any Way To Save Only Contacts On iPhone 7 Before Factory Reset?

I’ve had my iPhone 7 for a few months now, and it’s been working beautifully. However, once I updated to 11.1.1, my apps would not load when opened, and my phone would just not connect at all. I thought maybe it was just my Wi-Fi connection at work, but then I noticed that it also wasn’t working at my apartment, or at my mom’s home. I’m trying to reset my iPhone 7 to factory defaults. I wonder how to save only contacts? Please help.

download only contacts on iphone 7 before factory reset

In many cases, you have to restore your iPhone to factory settings. The contacts on the iPhone is the most important aspect of the device, so it can become essential to save the data on your phone to your computer. If you don’t want to use iTunes, one of the best ways to save only contacts on iPhone 7 before factory reset is via iFonebox.

Key features of iFonebox:

  •   Three excellent recovery modes
  •   Support the extraction of 17 kinds of data
  •   Compatible with almost all kind of apple devices.
  •   Support data preview on device or backup
  •   100% security guarantee

As an extraordinary iOS data recovery and transferring tool, iFonebox enables you to download only contacts on iPhone 7 before factory reset. If you have an available backup, you’re also allowed to preview data before restoring the whole backup. In addition to that, you can selectively restore the data you want to recover.

iFonebox is completely compatible with all iOS versions including the iOS 11. Please make sure to download and install the correct version. Extracting only contacts from iPhone 7 before reset it to factory settings can be done in a few simple steps. Next I will show you the detailed instructions.

windows-download    mac-download

Step one: Launch iFonebox

Connect your iPhone to the computer, in this interface, you’ll see “Next” in blue area, click it to continue. It’s necessary to enable the flight mode and keep the USB cable connected stable during the progress.

Recover from ios device (2)

Step two: Scan data

It will scan automatically after you click the “Contacts” icon, the duration depends on the amount of your data so it might take your some time, please wait patiently.

Mode one interface

Step three: Back up contacts

After the scan completes, a list of contacts will show up on your program interface. Now you can recover them, choose the items you want to back up and click the “Recover to PC”.


How To Back Up Only Contacts Before Erasing All Data?

I am giving my iPhone 6s to a friend, I don’t know how to restore it to factory settings and is there a way to backup only contacts before erasing all data?

 save only contacts before deleting all data

How to restore iPhone to factory settings?

  1. If you want to save the information on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can make a backup.
  2. Go to Setting> iCloud, then turn off Find My iPhone.
  3. Go to Setting> General> Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

As we all know, a factory restore erases all the information, we can back up iPhone by iTunes, but you might wonder if there’s a way to back up only contacts before erasing all data. Fortunately, iFonebox can do that. So I would like to recommend that program to you.

As a convenient transferring tool, iFonebox can extract up to 17 kinds of data from iOS device to your computer, such as contacts, texts, photos, WeChat messages, call logs, notes, WhatsApp messages and so on. It enables you to save only contacts before deleting all data without iTunes or iCloud. If you synced your device to iCloud or iTunes before, you can preview detailed information from the backup by trial version. It’s also an excellent recovery tool that can help you restore data without wiping all the existing data on your phone. What a fantastic software!

Next, I will show you the detailed instructions to download only contacts before effacing all data. Before the operations, you can download the software by clicking on the icons below. Please make sure that you download the correct version.

windows-download    mac-download

Step one: Launch iFonebox

Connect your iPhone 6s to the computer, in this interface, you’ll see “Next” in blue area, click it to continue.

recover from device 500

Step two: Scan data

You can click “Contacts” icon, it will scan automatically, please wait in this step patiently. Please do not unplug the USB cable in the progress.

itunes2 500

Step three: Preview and export

After the scan finished, it will show you all the existing contacts on your iPhone 6s, you can choose the contacts you want and transfer them to your computer.

contacts 500


Recover Self Deleted Contacts From iPhone 6s With iOS 11


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Recover Lost Contact Numbers From iPhone After Erase Data


It would be a huge disaster when erase all data from iPhone without awareness. What’s the most important is the data like contacts from it. Without contact numbers, we will lose all connections with our friends, colleagues. Thus, is it possible to recover lost contact numbers from iPhone after erase data?  Continue reading

Retrieve Missing Contacts From iPhone 8/7 Due To Apple ID Changed


We received such an email which said “My friend has changed his Apple ID and all his contacts have disappeared…can someone tell me how to retrieve them?? iPhone 7, iOS 10.3.3“. So can you offer methods here to help him retrieve missing contacts from iPhone 7 because of Apple ID changed?  Continue reading

Recover Disappeared Contacts After iPhone Update To iOS 10.3

restore missing contacts after iphone update to ios 10.3

“Accidentally lost my iPhone contacts after I update my iPhone to iOS 10.3 and I forget to back them up either in iTunes/iCloud. What should I do to restore my missing contacts without backup? Any advice or solution will be appreciated. Thank you!”

Has it ever happened that you lost all your iPhone contacts? Certainly you did! Lots of reasons may cause your iPhone contacts missing or disappeared, like iOS update, iPhone broken, factory reset, mistaken deletion and so. You might cannot think of any solutions because at the moment you feel tensed and frustrated thinking how to recover disappeared contacts and you realized you don’t have any backup like the user above. If your contacts missing after iPhone update to iOS 10.3, do you know how to recover disappeared contacts after iPhone update to iOS 10.3? Don’t worry, in this writing we will guide you how to recover deleted contacts after iPhone upgrade to iOS 10.3 even if you don’t have any backup with a professional iOS data recovery tool.

The Program We Need
iFonebox is an user-friendly iOS data recovery tool that helps recover disappeared or deleted data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. The simple interface allows beginners to complete the recovery process with no difficulty. With it, you can restore missing contacts on iOS 10.3 even if you have backup or not. During the recovery process, you will be able to scan & preview, recover only missing iPhone contacts instead the whole restore. Besides contacts, iFonebox also can help you recover lost messages, notes, call history as well as WhatsApp and Wechat data. iFonebox supports iPhone 7 Plus/7/6S/6 Plus/6/SE/5C/5S/5/4S/4, iPad & iPod Touch as well. However, this post will mainly focus on recovering disappeared contacts after iPhone update to iOS 10.3. Continue reading.

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How To Recover Disappeared Contacts After iPhone Update To iOS 10.3?
Have no backup file? Here is a detailed guide for Windows users about how to restore missing contacts after iPhone update to iOS 10.3. If you are a Mac users, follow the same steps.

Step 1: Download & Install iFonebox
iFonebox supports Windows and Mac version. Just select the version based on your computer system.
free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

Step 2: Launch iFonebox & Connect Your Device
After download and install the program, connect your iPhone with iOS 10.3 to the computer. iFonebox will detect automatically the moment you plug in your iPhone, and you will see the interface as below. Then select “Recover from iOS device” as your recovery mode. Next, click “Start” to scan your iPhone.

Step 3: Scan & Analyze
Select “Contacts” under “Text Data” column and then start scanning. The scanning duration will based on your contacts data, be patient.

Step 4: Preview & Recover
When finish scanning, it will show you the whole amount of found contacts. You can refine the scanned result by tapping “Only displayed the deleted”, just choose the missing iPhone contacts you want to recover or preview them one by one. After that, you can click “Recover to PC” or “Recover to device”, and those deleted iPhone contacts will be successfully restore to your PC or device.

Congratulations! You have successfully recover disappeared contacts even your iPhone update to iOS 10.3. Is it simple and easy?

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