Transfer Photos To Computer From iPhone 8


How to transfer photos from iPhone 8 to computer? Now iPhone 8 as well as iPhone 8 Plus has at least 64 GB for users. But sometimes, you still feel there is not enough space for you to take photos or videos on iPhone, thus you need to transfer all those photos to your computer to free up more storage. But how?  Continue reading

Restore Permanently Deleted Images On iPhone 8


How to restore permanently deleted images from iPhone 8? Is it possible to recover iPhone 8 deleted photos? You may be confused and annoyed by such a question you may be confronted with. But here, I need to say, don’t be panic when you come across with the photos recovery problem, for there are methods to help you recover permanently deleted images on iPhoneContinue reading

Recover Deleted Photos From iPhone 7s/7


How to recover deleted photos from iPhone 7s or iPhone 7? Generally speaking, photos takes larger space on iPhone than other data like messages, contacts, notes, whatsapp, thus sometimes, we will delete photos to save space on iPhone. But what about mistakenly deleting photos? How to retrieve them? Here, I have three methods to help you get back deleted photos from iPhone 7s or iPhone 7.  Continue reading

Why Can’t I Delete the Photo Albums on iPhone 5 on Mac?


“My phone storage is full because when syncing iPhone 5 to my Mac (10.10.5) it loaded 6.3GB of photos to my phone.  I tried changing sync settings in iTunes but the photos are still on my phone. I do not get an option to delete albums when I go to photos>albums>edit.  What am I missing here?  iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)” Continue reading

How To Recover Deleted Notes Attached Photos?


The Notes App updated with iOS 9 has got a new feature, allowing photos to be attached. If there is a chance to lose or wrongly deleted a notes items, it is completely possible to get notes attached photos lost or deleted. As you take notes to keep record of what is important for you, the notes attached photos weigh significantly too. And you need to learn how to retrieve the deleted notes attached photos.   Continue reading

How To Transfer Messages Photos from iPhone to Computer Selectively?


When you use iPhone Messages App, you are not only sending text messages but also photos. The attached photos, however, takes much storage space. You can free up the storage space by deleting the attached photos, but you need to export and transfer the attached photos to computer selectively for backup.  Continue reading

How To Save Messages Attached Photos from iPhone to Computer?


If you use your iPhone to message your friends and family a lot, you will find that there are a lot of photos attached to the messages for sharing. These attached photos are as important as the text messages and you’d better save the attached photos off your iPhone in case something goes wrong and all the attached photos get deleted.  Continue reading