Tips To Update To iOS 10.2 Safely And Successfully


Apple has release another new beta version for iOS 10.2 to fix bugs from iOS 10.1.1 like battery drain problem. It is said that Apple will release iOS 10.2 to the public officially next week, so how to update to iOS 10.2 safely and successfully to avoid data loss problem? Here are several tips to help you upgrade to iOS 10.2 smoothly.  Continue reading

Restore Lost Text Messages From iPhone Running iOS 10.2


After Apple released iOS 10.1.1, most iPhone users reflected the battery drain problem.So will the upcoming iOS 10.2 fix the problem? When updating to a new iOS system, some people face the data loss problem like text messages. Here is the question: is it possible to restore lost text messages from iPhone running iOS 10.2?  Continue reading