It Is Impossible To Downgrade To iOS 8.4 From iOS 8.4.1


Just wondering if anyone experienced any issues after the latest iOS update to 8.4.1, because personally I wish I could not done it! Thank you Apple for messing up my device. Since then I haven’t been able to: open links from email, download or upgrade apps, access the iTunes & App Store menu options, from Settings, iCloud doesn’t run the backup anymore. Tried to restore to previous version, but didn’t work either and from what I read on forums, Apple said there might not be another update release till iOS 9.0…! I am crazy now. Can anyone tell me how to downgrade to previous version?  Continue reading

Extract Older Photos From iCloud Backup After Update To iOS 8.4


After iPhone update to 8.4 only photos newer than 2014 are in the photos app. How can i extract the older photos from iCloud back on my iPhone? iPhone 6, iOS 8.4

After update to iOS 8.4, this user found that some older photos were lost from iPhone 6 and he needed to extract those lost photos from iCloud backup. So the question here is, how to extract old photos from iCloud backup after update to iOS 8.4. Have you ever encountered with such a problem? Now, you can get a better solution here to extract photos from iCloud backup after your iPhone was updated to iOS 8.4. Continue reading

How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages From iPhone 6 Without Backup?


I have an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.4. For a single contact, the phone out of nowhere no longer shows recent WhatsApp messages. Some WhtasApp messages are deleted by myself accidentally. I don’t have any backup for my WhatsApp messages. But I need to recover those messages. Any suggestions? Thank you.  Continue reading

How To Retrieve Lost Photos And Videos After Upgrading iPhone?


I have an iPhone 5S and decided to upgrade my phone after connecting it to my laptop.  Now, a vast number of my photos and some stored videos disappeared. How can I get them back? iPhone 5S

Actually, I cannot get much more information from the above post. I just get the question that this iPhone 5S user needed to retrieve those lost photos and videos. I cannot make sure whether this user has an iTunes or iCloud backup for those photos and videos before update his iPhone. So I wrote this article to retrieve lost photos and videos for this user in the precondition that he had an iTunes or iCloud backup for those photos and videos.  Continue reading

Retrieve Contacts On A Lost iPhone 6 From iTunes Backup


Hello, I lost my iPhone 6, and I’d like to retrieve my contacts saved in iTunes without using another iPhone, and I did not synchronize my contacts with outlook. Is that possible because i have an another phone which is not an iPhone (for the moment) so i would like to know if i can get my contacts back ? Thanks everybody for your answer.

I am sorry to hear that he lost iPhone 6. This user needs to retrieve contacts from iTunes backup for his lost iPhone 6, but he said he did not have another iPhone. He wondered whether it is possible to retrieve contacts from iTunes backup for his lost iPhone 6. Of course you can, but you need to retrieve those contacts from iTunes backup under the help from a third party software.  Continue reading

First iOS 8.4.1 Beta Has Been Seeded To Developers


The first iOS 8.4.1 beta has been seeded to the developers by Apple for testing purpose. iOS 8.4 was just released to the public officially two weeks ago and now, a new beta version of iOS 8.4 if released to fix some bugs and problems. Also, Apple now works on iOS 9. Maybe this is the last update for iOS 8.  Continue reading

Improvements And Bug Fixes In iTunes 12.2.1


Apple just released iTunes new version 12.2.1 to fix some bugs in the previous version. This time, the update is just a minor one which introduced some much needed bug fixes like Apple Music and iTunes Match. Apple Music was released officially not too long, but it contained some bugs with iTunes Match that caused the deletion of entire music libraries and other issues, such as an inability to sign up for Apple Music for former iTunes Match subscribers.  Continue reading

Best iOS Data Recovery To Recover Deleted Text Messages


I accidentally deleted a chain of text messages about a week ago and haven’t backed up since. I’d prefer not to restore from backup and lose what I’ve done since then. People keep telling me there are good, reputable and affordable third-party sites to help restore the messages deleted but I don’t have names. Help! iPhone 6, iOS 8.4

Apparently, here is the problem: this user wants to recover his deleted messages from iPhone with a best third party software but he doesn’t know the name of the software. It is always troublesome when you want to recover deleted data like contacts and messages, but you don’t know how to. Here, I have a better suggestion.  Continue reading

Find iPhone Lost Call History After Update To iOS 8.4


Have you got the trouble: when you update your iPhone to iOS 8.4 and you just find that your call histories are all lost. You need to find and get them back but you don’t want to reset your iPhone and then restore the whole backup to your iPhone. You just want to selectively restore lost call histories. What to do to make it after update iPhone to iOS 8.4?  Continue reading