How To Get Back A Lost Note From iPad Mini 3?


“I was on my iPad mini 3 in the notes application. i was looking at a note which i was going to paste,it pasted all the note,i wanted to copy and paste a part of it,it was all highlighted in blue so to remove this i tapped on cut which had taken it away completely. Now do that have this note,can i get it back. On iPad mini 3, iOS 8.3. Thank you.” Continue reading

How to Recover deleted notes from iPad mini 3 / 2

“As a writer, I was used to write down some inspirational ideas on my iPad mini notes app. But yesterday i deleted one critical notes by mistake. I desperately need them back. Is there any way to get back deleted notes on my iPad mini 3?”

Compared with laptop, iPad is extremely portable especially iPad mini. It can do many of our routine tasks and taking notes to keep our life in the right path is one of the tasks. For losing iPad notes, you may blunder away an important meeting, forget the girlfriend’s dating, have no idea what you should do next hour etc.  Continue reading

How to Backup/Save iPad data on Mac for Storage and Viewing

“I’m interested in having access to iPad data which I’ve stored in a separate User account on my iMac. My wife passed away earlier this year and I want to have access to the data in her iPad mini, but don’t plan to keep the iPad which was hardly used. iFonebox could let me save her data to my Mac and give the iPad Mini to another family member with her data removed.” —An iFonebox user wrote back to say that he use iFonebox to save/backup data from iPad mini to iMac for storage.
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