How To Rescue Contacts from Broken iPhone 4s?


“I recently dropped my iPhone 4s in the toilet and afterwards it failed to turn on. I then transferred the sim card into my old android motorola phone however none of the information is on it like contacts, pictures or music. I want to know if it is possible to get my contacts, pictures and music onto my android phone or onto a new iPhone, and if it is possible how i would be able to do it. Any help whatsoever appreciated.” Continue reading

How To Recover Deleted Contacts On iPhone 4S Without Backup?


An iPhone user told me that he lost all his contacts on his iPhone 4S and he did do any backup for those contacts. He wondered whether there is any chance to recover deleted contacts on his iPhone 4S without any backup file. Well, as to this question, I feel sorry for what he had experienced, but meanwhile, all of you should realize the importance of backup your iPhone data with iTunes or iCloud in case of data loss. Also, this user is lucky for there is still a method to recover his deleted contacts even though he had no backup.  Continue reading

How Can I Recover Deleted Notes From iPhone 4S?


“I took notes in my class using the app on my iPhone but a week later when I went back to the notes it was deleted and gone. I know it was on my phone because I looked over it after class. Is there any way to recover it? I looked on my icloud but there was nothing on there. iPhone 4S”

The above is a post read from Apple community. Keeping notes makes it convenient when we take part in a class or an important conference. So it is always annoying when lose some significant notes. Here, I want to show you different methods to recover the deleted notes from your iPhone 4S or other iOS devices. Just keep reading in case you need it one day. Continue reading

iFonebox helps you get back deleted messages conversation on iPhone

“So it seems I’ve accidentally deleted an entire message conversation with one of my contacts on my iPhone 5S. Can anyone tell me if or how to get it back? I held touch on a message and clicked on ‘more’, when on the left some tick buttons popped up. I was wanting to select only a couple of messages – which I did – and then hit ‘delete all’ , not realizing that I’ve actually deleted the entire message conversation history with this contact. Is there any way to recover deleted message conversion on my iPhone? I wish there was some sort of undo function here.” Continue reading

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