Solution of Restore Contacts from backup to iPhone 4S on Windows 7

“hundreds of contact numbers were disappear from my iPhone 4S, last week I have backup my iPhone on my windows 7 computer, But I don’t know how to only restore contacts from iTunes backup to my iPhone 4s, Can you tell me a solution method to solve it?” –An iPhone 4S user asked on my blog

So I write an article introduce how to extract contacts from iTunes backup  and restore iPhone 4s contacts on Windows 7 computer with iFonebox  Continue reading

How to Find lost contacts and synced them back to iPhone 4S on Mac

Some important contacts were lost on your iPhone 4S? Deleted a phone number of a friend or co-worker by careless? All of this may be fine if you have backup your iPhone4s before the contacts lost, you can restore from backup to recover lost contacts number. (How to only retrieve the deleted contacts from backup and without restore the whole iPhone). If you didn’t have backup, what should you do to find back the lost contacts on your iPhone 4S?  Continue reading

Ways to retrieve deleted/lost SMS messages on iPhone


My messages are being deleted from my iPhone 4S by themselves. Specifically, I sent messages with my girl friend everyday, this month have sent over 300 messages. However, today, I found most of the old messages from my girl friend were missing. I haven’t deleted any of the older ones. These sweet messages are our wonderful memories. I must find them back, is there a way to recover these lost older messages on my iPhone 4S?  Continue reading

How to undelete text message on iPhone 4s

recover iphone4s deleted text

I accidentally deleted an important text message from my friend. Is it possible to undelete the text on my iPhone 4s? As I have not backed up my phone to iTunes regularly and do not have the cloud activated. Is there any way to recover deleted text without backup? I must find it back, please help!  Continue reading