How To Delete Photos That Were Synced From Computer On iPhone 5?


“How do i delete photos that were synced from my computer on iPhone 5? Cant delete and its annoying!! iPhone 5C”

What do you usually do when it comes to deleting photos that are synced from computer on iPhone 5? It is always easy to sync photos from computer to iPhone, but here is one problem: when you sync photos from computer to iPhone or iPad, you cannot delete the synced photos from your iPhone or iPad directly. When you want to sync photos from computer to iPhone or iPad, you have to turn to iTunes. Of course, if you want to delete photos that are synced from computer to iPhone 5, still, iTunes will do you a favor. Continue reading

How To Restore Photos From iTunes Backup To iPhone 5?


“I have iPhone 5 and iTunes on my windows laptop. Recently i back-uped my iphone and started using my iphone as a new one. But all the photos were in the back-up. So i just want to restore the photos. Since my laptop is windows, i cant get them by iphotos. I was thinking that if i can sync just the photos to my iPhone from by back-up, i can get the photos from iPhone by transferring the files to my laptop.But i couldnt figure out how to sync just the “photos” of the whole back-up.” Continue reading

Two ways to Recover lost iPhone contacts After change Apple ID

“My husband and I wanted to set our devices up for family sharing and I was under his apple id. I changed my apple id then I had almost nothing in my contact list. All of my contacts are lost. I am now trying to restore the phone from my backup on the computer but keep getting iTunes message that there is not enough free space despite having plenty. Help! how can i get back my lost contact list on my iPhone 5 after change apple ID and restore from backup failed?” Continue reading

How to Retrieve inadvertently Deleted Notes on iPhone 5

“How can get notes back on my iPhone 5 that i have inadvertently deleted, it had important information on it, i must get the notes back. Anyone know how to recover deleted items from notes on my iPhone 5?  Continue reading

How to Recover lost Contacts and Text message from jailbroken iPhone 5

“I am asking for help to recover my iPhone 5 Contacts and Text Message, my iPhone jailbreak failed by myself.lead to my iPhone 5 data was lost, I want to get back my lost contacts and text message on my jailbroken iPhone 5 .it is very important for me to recover them. Whether have you any method to help me to recover my contacts and text message from my jailbroken failed iPhone5” Continue reading

Use QuickTime to Record Video from your iPhone onto Mac

Want to create an iPhone or iPad tutorial video for someone, record a game level walk through or something else? It’s easier than you think if you have OS X Yosemite installed — you don’t need any third-party apps installed. Here’s how to record your iPhone video onto your OS X Yosemite Mac. Continue reading

How to Retrieve deleted texts from iPhone 5 without a recent iTunes backup

“I recently deleted a crap ton of texts that were just sitting in messages, and I deleted a text I didn’t mean to by mistake. I need to retrieve the deleted text from my iPhone 5 however the only ways I’m finding to restore them are if I have a recent iTunes or iCloud backup, which I do not. The Last time I backed up my iPhone 5 was when the iOS 8 came out. I then got my iPhone 6 and haven’t backed this one up at all. But the texts are from last week is there any hope for me to restore deleted text messages on iphone 5 without a recent iTunes backup? HELP ME PLEASE!” Continue reading

How to Restore Notes to iPhone 6 after deletion from iPhone5?

“I got a new iphone 6 and transferred notes one by one from old iphone 5 to new Iphone 6. Then I deleted all notes from Iphone 5. This morning I discovered all notes were gone from iPhone 6 and iPhone 5. Panic!!! Before all this I made a back up of old iphone 5 about a month ago. I only want to restore deleted notes on my iPhone only. My son says I have to restore entire phone from old iTunes backup to get delete deleted notes back. But then any new notes would be gone??? Any suggestions? How can i only restore deleted Notes on my iPhone 6 after deletion from iPhone 5?” Continue reading