How Can I Transfer Contacts From iPhone 5S To iPhone 6?


“I want to transfer my iPhone 5S contacts to the new iPhone 6. How can I transfer contacts from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6? iPhone 5S, iOS 8.3”

The above was extracted from Apple community and I think most of you are not strange at such a problem about how to transfer contacts from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6. It is always exciting when get a new iPhone 6 but also, it is annoying and troublesome to transfer iPhone contacts and other data from old iPhone 5S to new iPhone 6 just as this user did. But, things always get fixed and there are still methods to transfer contacts from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6. Continue reading

Is There A Good Way To Transfer iMessages From My iPhone 5S To Laptop?

transfer my imessages from my iphone 5S to my laptop

“Hello! Is there a good way to transfer my imessages from my iphone 5S to my laptop?! Thank you so much in advance! iPhone 5s, iOS 8.1.2”

This is a question about iMessages extracted from Apple community and of course, there is a good way to transfer iMessages from iPhone 5S to laptop. Here, I want to show you two methods, one is free and the other one is paid. Please keep reading here. Continue reading

How To Restore Easter Lost Photos From Your iPhone 5S ?


Big events are in April. Fast and Furious 7 will be released on April 3 while Easter Day follows on 5th April. This is fantastic for you can watch the new Fast and Furious 7 with your family or friends to celebrate the holy Easter Sunday. Wonderful. To take some pictures of Easter Day is also a meaningful thing with iPhone 5S. Continue reading

How to Retrieve Deleted Message on iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s users, have you ever accidentally delete messages on your iPhone 5s or lose them due to other unexpected reasons. If there is much important information, it will be a disaster for you. So when your iPhone 5s SMS have gone, what can you do to rescue them? is there any safe way to recover accidentally deleted message on iphone 5s? Continue reading

Use QuickTime to Record Video from your iPhone onto Mac

Want to create an iPhone or iPad tutorial video for someone, record a game level walk through or something else? It’s easier than you think if you have OS X Yosemite installed — you don’t need any third-party apps installed. Here’s how to record your iPhone video onto your OS X Yosemite Mac. Continue reading

How to Restore lost Notes After Deleting Gmail Account from iPhone

“I’ve recently changed jobs and delete my work Gmail account from my iPhone 5s. However after deleting email, I found about 200+ notes I had written on my iPhone 5s had disappeared! Some of the deleted notes are very important for me! Is there a way to restore these deleted notes on my iPhone 5s after deleting Gmail account? As far as I was aware the notes app wasn’t linked to my work Gmail account”.

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Retrieve Notes and Photos from backup to iPhone

“I had to reset my iphone after a backup and want to get all of the photos / notes from the backup for my ‘new’ phone. I can’t do restore because there were some bugs in the old system, I just want access to my photos and notes in itunes backup so I can export them and save on my PC/My Pictures folder instead, then how can I retrieve photos and notes from a backup to load onto my reset iPhone 5S?”  Continue reading

How to Restore Deleted iPhone 5S Contacts list: Three Easy Methods Explained

One of the scariest things that can happen – when you try to change iPhones, sync contacts or iOS update – is losing contact details. I’ve found myself – very often – accidentally deleted/lost my contacts list on my iPhone5s.

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How to Recover iCloud Auto deleted notes on iPhone 5s

“I recently deleted a note from my iPhone 5s notes app, the same note disappeared even from my iPad mini and even from my Mac automatically, I had a lot of useful data there and now I am in a serious trouble. Is there anyway to recover deleted note on iPhone 5s??? Please help!!!!”  Continue reading