Get Back Deleted WhatsApp Messages From iPhone 8


How to get back deleted whatsapp messages from iPhone 8? As a instant social platform,some people will choose to use it to make friends or share pictures with their friends. Sometimes, we need to clear whatsapp data to free up space on iPhone, thus, how to retrieve deleted whatsapp messages from iPhone?  Continue reading

How To Recover Disappeared Contacts From iPhone 8?


How do I recover lost contacts from iPhone 8? Contacts means a lot to us. With them, we can contact our friends or colleagues for work. Without them, it feels like be separated from the society? Thus, whenever the reasons are, you need to retrieve disappeared contacts from your iPhone? But how to get them back?  Continue reading

Retrieve Missing Contacts From iPhone 8/7 Due To Apple ID Changed


We received such an email which said “My friend has changed his Apple ID and all his contacts have disappeared…can someone tell me how to retrieve them?? iPhone 7, iOS 10.3.3“. So can you offer methods here to help him retrieve missing contacts from iPhone 7 because of Apple ID changed?  Continue reading