What Should I Do If I Unintentionally Delete the Notes from iPhone SE?


If you are business people, you know how important the note is. And all the notes on your iPhone are the only things that you cannot risk losing, especially when the notes are connected to your work. Sad story happens from time to time and you may lose or delete accidentally or by mistake.  Continue reading

How To Regain Missing iPhone SE SMS Texts Messages without Backup


A lot of people have been complaining SMS messages missing all of a sudden from their iPhone SE with no good reason. As one of messaging services having legal status, SMS text messages can be crucial testimony when unfortunately get involved in court related issues. Therefore, missing iPhone SE text messages can be a disaster. Continue reading

Badly want to get back deleted WeChat messages from iPhone SE, what should I do?


My cousin bought the iPhone SE a couple of weeks ago and store a large number of wechat messages as she use wechat a lot to keep in touch with her coworkers and customers. Unintentionally, she delete some of the wechat messages by mistake while clearing the spam messages. Now she was shocked and badly want to bring back the deleted wechat messages. Apparently she has no backup. So she needs a way to regain the deleted wechat messages from the iPhone SE directly. Continue reading

How To Reclaim Deleted iMessages History from iPhone SE?


A friend called and complained that he had bought the latest model of iPhone SE and deleted some of iMessages history. He has an iTunes backup file but it has been created months ago for his old iPhone. So he wonder whether it is possible to reclaim the deleted iMessages history from iPhone SE. The answer is definitely yes. One can regain the deleted iMessages history from iPhone SE, regardless of having no backup file at all. Continue reading

Top Useful iPhone SE Tips and Tricks


If you’ve been tempted to buy an iPhone SE and you’d like to unlock your new phone’s potential, then you’re in the right place. Behold, our menu of tasty, bite-sized tips designed to help you get more from your smartphone. After all, they do say big things often come in small packages — and it doesn’t get much smaller than the SE.  Continue reading

Apple’s iPhone SE vs. iPhone 6s


Featuring a 4-inch Retina display and starting price of $399, the newly unveiled Apple iPhone SE is noticeably smaller and cheaper than the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s. However, despite obvious differences in size, there are a great deal of similarities under the hood between the two. Here’s a closer look at how well the iPhone SE competes with its big brother based on price, hardware and intended use.  Continue reading

iPhone SE seen getting off to a ‘lackluster’ start


Apple’s recently released iPhone SE was supposed to be Apple’s saving grace, a mid-year release designed to help keep iPhone sales somewhat afloat ahead of the iPhone 7. Packed with the same advanced features as the iPhone 6s and affordably priced, it was widely assumed that the iPhone SE would get off to a strong start following its debut on store shelves this past Thursday. Continue reading

How To Retrieve Deleted Notes from iPhone SE?


People always run into the trouble of accidental data loss with their iPhones and there is no exception to the lastes iPhone SE. Some of my friends called to ask for help about how to recover the accidently deleted notes items which are terribly important for them. Continue reading

How To Recover Deleted Text Conversations from iPhone SE?


Accidents always happen with iPhone and there is no exception to the most recently released new iPhone SE. When you are impulsive, you will do something regardless of consequences, for example delete the entire conversation with someone you are having a fight with which you will realize you still want. Here in this tutorial I would like to offer a solution for what you regret, even if you have no backup at all.  Continue reading

How To Selectively Transfer Messages to iPhone SE from Old iPhone?


iPhone SE has been released on this Monday morning. Considering the outstanding performance similar to iPhone 6s yet with a much smaller size and much lower price, it is attracting enough for people to order one. For iPhone users who messages others a lot, learn how to transfer text messages to the new iPhone SE from old iPhone is necessary, as the messages are so important that they would like to migrate all the messages to the new iPhone SE.   Continue reading