How To Delete Multiple iPhone Contacts in Different Ways?


Have you noticed that you can only delete the contact one by one with the Contacts app on your iPhone, which is annoying if you have got a group of contacts or all the contacts to wipe out.  Continue reading

How To Save iPhone Contacts to Mac?

If you own iPhone as well as a Macbook or an iMac, you are suggested to save all your iPhone contacts to your Mac computer for backup in case that something goes wrong and you may lost your contacts with no good reason. Actually, things always goes wrong. Therefore, learning how to transfer the iPhone contacts to Mac computer for saving becomes necessary.  Continue reading

How to Transfer Text Messaegs from iPhone 6s Plus to Mac?


Though SMS text messages can be backed up to iTunes or iCloud, the independent messages item cannot be separated out for reading and printing. You cannot view the text messages unless you restore your iPhone from the previous backup to your iPhone 6s plus. Continue reading

How To Transfer iPhone Calendar to Mac?


As the one of the core pre-installed apps, calendar plays important role in our daily life and keeps track of what we are going to do and when we are going to finish. It schedules our work and life and we cannot live without it. We need to safeguard the iPhone calendar against accidental deleting or missing. The best and most direct way is to transfer the iPhone calendar to Mac computer for alternative backup. But how? Continue reading

How To Back Up iPhone Messages to Mac Selectively?


Want to export all the messages from your iPhone to your Mac? However, neither iTunes nor iCloud allows exporting the messages selectively from iPhone to Mac. Fortunately, there are a lot of third party iPhone data recovery software which can extract the messages from the iPhone selectively to your Mac computer. Continue reading

How To Merge Contacts from iPhone to Mac Without iCloud?


“I need to save my contacts from my iPhone (saved locally on the phone, not SIM card) on my Mac, however for different reasons I don’t want to use iCloud. How can I get my contacts copied there? Could be as a .csv or directly to the Apple Contacts App, just not as part of the backup.” Continue reading

A Terrible Flaw Makes Apple Macs Attacked


According to a resent research, some Apple Macs have a particularly terrible flaw that lets hackers sneak in and remain undetected, which means, a hacked could, from far away, force a Mac into a coma. Personal, corporate or government Macs could be spied on in a way that even the best security checks wouldn’t discover until it;s way too late. Continue reading

How Do I Copy Photos From My iPhone To My iMac?


“Trying to move pics from my iPhone 5 to my iMac.  Finder does not see my iPhone and iTunes seems to want me to copy from my iMac to my iPhone.  Just need to clear some stuff off. Thanks. iPhone 5”

As to copy photos from iPhone to iMac, the most common method to make it is via iPhoto. But obviously, this doesn’t work for this user. Hence, here are two methods introduced to copy photos from your iPhone to the iMac.  Continue reading