Recover Lost Messages From iPhone 7s Plus


How to recover lost messages from iPhone 7s Plus? It is a question deserve considering. Most people will face the problem when messages are deleted from iPhone but have no idea to retrieve those deleted messages on iPhone. Thus, is there any way to find and get back deleted messages to iPhoneContinue reading

Retrieve Deleted Messages From iPhone When Apple ID Changed


How to retrieve deleted messages from iPhone when Apple ID changed? Last time, I have introduced methods about how to get back contacts due to Apple ID change. I believe most people have learned the ways to get back lost contacts after Apple ID changed. It is quite easy to retrieve deleted contacts from iPhone when Apple ID changed, so is messages. Here, I will shortly show you how to recover lost messages due to Apple ID change. Continue reading

Restore Lost Messages From iPhone After Downgrade To iOS 10.3.3 From iOS 11


As iOS 11 is about to be released this autumn, Apple released iOS 11 beta 4 to the public developers for test. And after testing, one develper needed to downgraded to iOS 10.3.3 from iOS 11, unfoutunately, he lost messages on his iPhone 7. Thus, is it possible to restore lost messages from iPhone after downgraded to iOS 10 from iOS 11? Definitely yes. Calm down firstly and then, keep reading. Methods are listed below. Continue reading