Fix iOS 11 Update Failure Problem


Apple announced to release iOS 11 as well as iPhone 8 this autumn, at WWDC 2017. With iOS 11, you will be able to feel its most powerful, personal, and intelligent function. But when update to a new iOS running system, accidents like crash always happen. Thus, is there any solutions to fix iOS 11 update failure problem? Here, I will offer you two solutions to fix the problem.  Continue reading

Top 3 Best iPhone Data Recovery For Win/Mac In 2017


As more and more people prefer iPhone to Android phone, the need of iPhone data recovery is also increasing. It is quite easy to lose important data from iPhone when update to a new iOS system, or when your iPhone are broken or stolen. The luckiest thing is that we have found top 3 best iPhone data recovery tool for both Win and Mac in the test, thus, you don’t have to be panic when data are deleted by accident. Just choose one of them to help you retrieve missing data from iPhone at ease.  Continue reading

How To Clear Browsing History, Caches and Cookies of Safari on iPhone?


Have you ever ran into the conditions that your webpages simply does not load or the pictures on the webpage does not show up. If this happens it’s likely that it’s time to clear the browsing history , caches and cookies, which store data for the sake of avoiding to download it afresh time you access the site. Much often that not, cleaning out the Safari website history and cookies works in speeding up the page loading. Continue reading

Top Useful iPhone SE Tips and Tricks


If you’ve been tempted to buy an iPhone SE and you’d like to unlock your new phone’s potential, then you’re in the right place. Behold, our menu of tasty, bite-sized tips designed to help you get more from your smartphone. After all, they do say big things often come in small packages — and it doesn’t get much smaller than the SE.  Continue reading

How To Use Notes With Siri?


The Notes App on the iPhone is a great tool to take down thoughts fragments, papers to finish, or works to complete or any other things you need to keep track of. What if it is not convenient to type to take notes, for example, if you are driving or cooking and suddenly, a some great idea hit upon you. Well, I bet, you will never be able to take notes with Siri. Here in this post, I would like to share some techniques about how to use notes with Siri.  Continue reading

Top 4 Different Ways To Back Up iPhone Notes


As one of the core apps preinstalled on iPhone, the Notes App plays important role in our daily life and work. We use take notes about every thing that we would like to keep for knowledge extension or work scheduling. Losing the iPhone notes will mess up our life and work. The best way to guard against accidental deletion or losing is to back all the notes up. Today I would like to introduce a couple of different ways to back up iPhone notes.  Continue reading

The Most Secured Ways to Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone


iPhone does live up to its name as one of greatest invention in 21st century, but it some times can frustrate us the most. Some of your iPhone data, for example, the WhatsApp chat history will be gone just with a careless tap on the unintentional option.  Continue reading