Transfer Photos To Computer From iPhone 8


How to transfer photos from iPhone 8 to computer? Now iPhone 8 as well as iPhone 8 Plus has at least 64 GB for users. But sometimes, you still feel there is not enough space for you to take photos or videos on iPhone, thus you need to transfer all those photos to your computer to free up more storage. But how?  Continue reading

How To Export My Notes As Backup To PC From iPhone?

iphone notes backup

“I use notes very frequent, and when I scrolled my notes it is really a lot and those notes are quite memorable for me, because it is included my diary, my lecture notes, project ideas, important key notes and so on. Therefore I wish to backup them on my PC so I can view them on PC as well. Hopefully to get some advices from you guys. Thank you!”

In case of forgetting the innovative ideas that pop up suddenly, of course we will use some methods to remember them. In the past, we may mark them on the notebooks, but now, we can just simply type them on the built-in note app in our iPhone. A million thanks to the development of the iPhone apps, we are able to keep our great ideas safe. Therefore, if your notes are important, and you need to get them quickly copied or saved to the computer. The post below will introduce you how to export notes as backup from iPhone to PC.

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You actually can sync your notes by using iCloud or iTunes. Using iCloud is considered one of the easiest and fastest way to save your important notes. You may also sync your notes with Outlook as well. Besides these 2 methods, you can also make use of iPhone Data recovery to export notes as backup from iOS to PC. iFonebox is one of the best iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch data recovery software and it is very helpful on this issue.

iFonebox is mainly designed for recovering deleted or lost files from iOS devices and iTunes backups. If you want to transfer notes from iPhone to computer, you will have two ways, one is to extract notes from iPhone backup, and the other is transfer from iPhone to computer directly. The following guidance will show you how to move notes from iPhone to PC with iFonebox, and you can free download the software to have a try. iFonebox is accessible for 2 versions: Windows version & Mac version. Select the version accordance to your PC system and begin.

How To Export My Notes As Backup To PC From iPhone?
Step 1: Launch iFonebox With iPhone Connected
Launch the software after download it. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable. This software will detect your iPhone and show a “Start” button on the iFonebox interface. Next, tap on the “Start” button and begin to analyze your iPhone.

Step 2: Data Selection
After the analysis of your iPhone, you will see an interface with different kinds of iOS data. Tap on “Notes” icon under “Text Data” and start to scan your iPhone notes. Reminder: If you have a lot of notes, the process will take a little bit longer, be patient.

Step 3: Preview & Recover
After done scanning your notes, they will appear on the main window as a list. You can preview and pick the notes you want to save and export them altogether in one click by tapping “Recover To PC”. After the transferring process is done, you will be able to view the exported files in the target folder.

The main function of iFonebox is recovering deleted files from iOS devices or backups, for example, you are able to recover deleted reminders from iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch too. If you are interested in this software, check it out!

How To Backup Important Messages To PC Before Update To iOS 10.3?

transfer messages to pc

Hi, I have around 300+ messages which is contain important contents inside, I hope I could move them into somewhere bigger space like my computer as a backup before I update to iOS 10.3. Can anyone help me on how to move my messages to computer? Thanks and appreciate.

Have you run into the situation like the user above? Few of our readers sent us email and telling the similar problems as above, and I’m now writing this for iPhone users who is also having the same problems on how to backup messages to PC before update to iOS 10.3. We all know text messages contain so many important contents inside, including the warm wishes from family and friends, jokes from cousins, business conversation with colleagues etc. Whatever the reason, iFonebox is definitely a great helper which allows you to export text messages to computer. The following tutorial will guide you how to save messages to PC before upgrade to iOS 10.3.

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Besides backup messages to PC before update to iOS 10.3, what else can this amazing and powerful program – iFonebox do?

  1. Allows you to recover as much as 16 types of data from iOS device.
  2. Supports extract and retrieve data from iTunes and iCloud backup files selectively.
  3. Recover lost data when iPhone screen broken, stuck on Apple logo, water damaged, factory reset etc.

In order to transfer messages to PC as a backup, you need to download the iFonebox and install it on your PC. There are 2 versions available which are Windows version & Mac version. You can download this software absolutely free on here.

How To Backup Important Messages To PC Before Update To iOS 10.3?

Run iFonebox. Select “Recover from iOS device” mode on the interface. Connect your iPhone with USB cable, you are required to tap “Trust the computer” on your iPhone screen if this is the first time you connect your iPhone to Windows computer. Next, click “Start” to begin.

Scan Messages from iPhone. Click on “Messages” under “Text Data” column and start scanning and analysis. Kind reminder: Large data takes longer time.

Preview and Select the messages to backup. After scanning done, you will be able to preview the scanned messages. Just select those messages you want to transfer and backup, click “Recover to PC” to export them to your Windows computer from iPhone.


After all, you can save messages to PC before upgrade to iOS 10.3 with few simple steps by using iFonebox. Share it out if you found our passage useful and kindly follow us on Pinterest for more helpful passages! iFonebox

How Do I Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?

sync contacts from iphone to mac

“I have a lot of contacts information in my iPhone which included contact number, email, birthday details, social messages etc. I wish to backup them on my PC in case I lose it or accidentally delete it. Can you please help? I’m using iPhone 6S and Mac. Thank you for the advice.” -Judy

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How To Save SMS History From iPhone 7 To Mac?


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