How Can I Back Up WeChat Contacts on iPhone or iPad?


WeChat has become ubiquitous. Instead of making phone calls and sending emails.We make appointment with friends and family with this additive instant messaging app. Also, at almost every workplace, WeChat has become the primary means of communication. Conversations through WeChat group messages have replaced email, files can be shared in the app, and group voice calls can replace meetings. We cannot do any of things above without the WeChat contacts which we simply cannot risk losing. Thus it is terribly necessary to back up the WeChat contacts on our iPhone or iPad. Continue reading

How to Transfer Call History from iPone to Computer?

“I have an iPhone 6, I have been deleted my iPhone 6 Call history by mistake recenty, now I want to restore my deleted Call history from my iPhone 6 on my Mac computer, can you give me some advice about how to recover my deleted call history from my iPhone 6?”
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How To Recover Messages Deleted by Cheating Husband or Wife


Do you know that deleted text messages from iPhone can be recovered? This is bad news if you’re a philandering husband or wife who’s been cheating with someone other than your spouse. If you’re on the other side of the fence, this is good news and neither a husband nor wife can pull the wool over your eyes and just delete the incriminating texts and act as if nothing is going on.
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How to Back Up iPhone to External Hard Drive


I want to be able to backup my iPhone 4 to an external harddrive since I don’t have enough space on my MacBook Pro hard drive, how do I dothat? I have already moved all the iTunes libraries and media folder to that externaldrive and need to know how to default the IPhone4 backup to the external drive.I am using iTunes. Continue reading

How To Recover Randomly Deleted Messages?


“All of a sudden all of the conversations in my messages app were reduced to the very last message sent (either by myself or the other) for each conversation. I found it very odd as I didnt mess with any settings or purposely delete any conversations. Does anyone know how/why this happened and if I can recover the conversations that were there before??”  iPhone 5s, iOS 9.2.  Continue reading

How To Sync iPhone Contacts To Gmail?

You can sync your contacts to Gmail, and keep then in sync with the contacts stored on your iPhone. The main benefit of using Gmail rather than (or as well as) iCloud is that it’s cross-platform, so you can keep your contacts in sync across your other non-apple devices quite easily. This also means that you can access all the contacts on your iPhone whenever and wherever you need them . Continue reading

How to fix “the last backup could not be completed” iCloud Error

If you have swtiched automatic iCloud backup on, there is no need to worry about icloud backing up much unless something goes wrong. When you unfortunately run into the error messages reading “ the last backup could not be completed”, you need to work out solution to fix it. So here in this post, we are going to share some simple ones. Continue reading

Contact Name Missing From Text Message Since iOS 9 Upgrade


“Contacts are saved but since the iOS 9 update, when I get a text message, no name appears only the telephone number in the notification screen? But I open the text, the name appears at the top, just when initial text notification comes through. Bizarrely this only happens with a few people in my contact list.” Continue reading

How To Get Back Deleted iPhone Text Messages Conversation


When you are mad at some one, especially someone you are in a relationship with, you are always tempered to deleted the entire conversation with him or her. In most cases, you will regret abut doing so and want to get back the deleted conversation just for future memory. Thankfully, there are a couple of different ways that can help you restore the deleted conversation text messages. Continue reading

How to Restore iPhone 6s Photos Deleted By Restoring from iCloud Backup


Many people have been plagued with the iCloud restore bug, however, things are getting worse. Except for losing recent alls and messages after restoring from iCloud backup, some of our customers who use iPhone 6s contacted us and reported us sadlly that they have lost all or some of the photos after the iCloud restore in addition to the empty call history and messages. Continue reading