How To Back Up WeChat Messages on iPhone?


WeChat has become one of the most instant messenger app as communication tool in our daily life and work. We provide information to our insurance agent, we share interesting entertainment gossip with friends, we notify client about new products and services and etc. The WeChat text conversation carries so many important information that we can never afford losing them. Worse still, unlike the other messaging Apps, WeChat could only save your messages or history on phone. Once you change a new phone, you will lose all the WeChat messages.  Continue reading

How To Save WeChat Audio Messages Off iPhone or iPad?


WeChat, as the most popular instant messenger app, boasts a huge number of users. On most occasions, we use wechat to send voice messages to our friends, family, client and coworkers etc. The wechat audio messages takes much larger storage space, comparing to text messages, you’d better save all the wechat audio messages off iPhone or iPad and transfer to computer. Continue reading

How To Recover Deleted WeChat Messages from iPhone?


Though WeChat is originated from China, it becomes popular around the world now with 650 million active users across the globe. We use WeChat to messages, talk and broadcast with friends, family, customers and coworkers etc. And we must admit that WeChat account for most part of our daily life and work. Deleting WeChat messages by mistake will be a disaster. Well fear not, now you are able to recover the deleted wechat messages without restoring the iPhone with the backup file. Continue reading

How To Recover Deleted iPhone WeChat History Without Backup?


One of my readers wrote us asking for help about recovering his deleted wechat history. The deleted WeChat history is terribly important for him, because he need the deleted wechat history as evidence for some legal issue. Frustratingly, he has no iTunes backup nor iCloud backup at all. Continue reading

Recover Deleted WeChat Contacts Selectively


“I am an insurance agent, and keep in touch with my customers through WeChat. But some of my WeChat contacts were deleted by my 5 year old son carelessly. Is it possible to recover them from the iPhone because I have never backed up my iPhone to iTunes. I don’t even have an iCloud account. No backup at all! I have asked apple support for help, only to end up with a frustrating reply that I am out of luck to recover the lost wechat contacts since I have no backup at all. Please help! Because the contacts are really important clients.”

Continue reading

WeChat: The Most Important Social Network in China


Report from techinsider: You may have never heard of WeChat, but it’s the most important app in China right now.WeChat users can do just about anything, including play games, send money to people, make video calls, order food, read the news, book a doctor appointment, and more. It’s basically China’s version of Facebook. Continue reading

Recover WeChat Messages Selectively


If you use WeChat a lot, the thing you mostly want back when you iPhone crashes or get damaged accidentally must be the WeChat messages. However, the WeChat app developed by Tecent does not provide service of cloud storage any more, meaning there is no chance to recover the WeChat messages through downloading from cloud storage. Continue reading

Recover WeChat History From Lost iPhone


Having your iPhone lost is bad enough, meaning you are going to lose hundreds of dollars. Things are getting worse when you realize that some one who has your iPhone right now can access everything stored on your iPhone, especially the wechat history. Is there any way to recover all the WeChat history without accessing the iPhone and then wipe everything from the iPhone? Continue reading