Easy Way to Transfer Voice memos from iPhone to Mac/iMac

“There are many long time voice memos in my iPhone 6 taking up a lot space. I don’t want to delete these recordings. But I also don’t want to keep it on my device. How can I selectively transfer/sync the critical voice memos from my iPhone 6 to my iMac?”

Sync iPhone voice recording to Mac/iMac is not difficult. There are several methods to transfer iPhone voice memos to computer.If you are wondering how to export voice memos from iPhone to Mac/iMac, we’ve got a quick tutorial to help you out.

How to transfer voice memos from iPhone to Mac/iMac with email or message

The first is quite simply to email or message the voice memos to yourself. In the app select the recording you want to move, then tap on the Share icon in the left corner under the Play button. Now you have the option to send it as a Message or Mail.
Choose Mail then fill in the relevant details and hit send. This is fine for the occasional memo, but if you have several that you want to do at once – or have long recordings whose files sizes are not inbox friendly – then use iTunes to sync is a good choice.
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How to transfer voice memos from iPhone to Mac/iMac with iTunes

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer.
Step 2: Open iTunes on your computer and select your device from the sidebar.
Step 3: Select “Music” from the tab options at the top of the screen.
Step 4: Select “Sync Music” and then select “Include voice memos.” This setting will extract your voice memos and load them into iTunes.

Step 5: Click “Apply in the bottom right corner of iTunes. iTunes will then sync with your iPhone and download your voice memos to your computer.
Note: You’re not allowed to selectively Sync iPhone voice memos to iTunes on Mac.

Export voice memos from iPhone to Mac/iMac with iFonebox

If your iPhone does not copy voice memos to iTunes and you have a bunch of voice memos that need to move to Mac for storage, I think the best solution is use iFonebox which is a professional iPhone data backup tool. with this tool,you are allowed to selectively backup/sync iPhone voice recordings to Mac and saved as m4v format.
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