Export iPhone’s call logs to computer for storage

As we all know iPhone will delete call history automatically when the call log reaches a certain number,so if you make many calls during the day,Maybe just a few days later you are unable to find the previous call records.Many iPhone users have the need of export the call logs from iPhone to computer for storage,So that they can even browse call records one year ago on computer.
Is there any way to export the call logs from iPhone to computer? How to copy/transfer iPhone call logs to pc?  the answer is  iPhone call history recovery software. just a few clicks ,you can quickly export your iPhone call history to computer with a trust worthy iPhone call history recovery software.

Step 1: Install and run iPhone call history extractor to export call history from iPhone to PC,for Mac users,you can use iPhone call history extractor for Mac to extract call logs from iPhone.connect your iPhone to PC/Mac, then you will see the interface below, Choose “Recover from iOS device”.

Note: Please Don’t open iTunes when you running iPhone call history extractor.

Step 2: iPhone call history extractor will automatically scan your iPhone after clicking the “Recover from iOS Devices”. The scan time depends on the number of the database on your iPhone. Just wait patiently until the software finish the scanning.

Step 3: After scanning finished, all the data on your iPhone will be displayed in categories on the interface. Click “Call History”to preview the content of calls logs, Then click “Recover” button on the top left of the interface to export these iPhone call record to your computer as HTML format. Now You can browse the call history on computer at any time.

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