Extract Data from Encrypted Backup with iTunes Backup Extractor on Mac

“I create an encrypted iPad backup on my Mac, the problem is the backup can’t restore, although I know the password, I was unable to read the encrypted iTunes backup.”

Many iPhone/iPad users use the encrypted data option when creating their iTunes backups to secure their personal data. But what happens when iTunes can no longer restore or access these backups? This article show you the solution on extracting data from encrypted iPhone/iPad backup on Mac OSX. 
Few years ago, it’s hard to access and read encrypted iPhone/iPad backup created via iTunes on a Mac OS X computer. With the advent of iTunes Backup Extractor tool, to extract data off iTunes backup is feasible nowadays. There are many iTunes Backup Extractor tool in market. Here we recommend iFonebox, which is very easy to use and trustworthy.

iFonebox enable Mac users to read and retrieve data from both unencrypted and encrypted iTunes backups as well as directly recover deleted data from device.

Download iFonebox for Mac.

Supports all backups for iPhone 6/6lpus/5/5s/5c/4s/4,iPad air/iPad mini/ 3/2/1. Including the iOS 7 and iOS 8 iTunes backups.

Guide: Extract photos, notes, imessage, calendar, safari from encrypted iPad backup on Mac with iFonebox

Step 1: Download and lunch this iTunes backup extractor on Mac, you’ll see the interface below, Please select the “Recover from iTunes backup” mode
Step 2: Select the backup for your iPad and hit on “Start Scan” to access and read backup data
The software will automatically load the backups from your ‘default backup folder’ from the most recent to the oldest one. Otherwise, you can click “Select” button to browse backup from other locations or external hard drive.

Please enter your password to decrypt the encrypted iPad backup. Click “OK” to continue

Step 3 when scanning finished, all files in encrypted iTunes backup are extracted and displayed here, you are able to preview the contents of all files. Then choose what you want and click “Recover” to save them all on your Mac or directly transfer Contacts/notes back to your iPad/ iPhone.(Currently only supports transfer contacts and notes)

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