Fastest And Best Way To Recover Deleted Notes From iPhone 6S


This year, Apple will release iPhone 6S to the public, which seems to be one of the most popular smart phones in 2015. Most people will choose to make an upgrade from old iPhone 4/ 4S/ 5/ 5S/ 6/ 6 Plus to iPhone 6S or switch their android phone to new iPhone 6S. Before upgrade to new iPhone 6S, it is necessary to have a full-scale backup to your old iPhone just in case of data loss. When using new iPhone, you will also encounter the same problems: your notes are deleted or removed accidentally, and you are eager to get back the deleted or lost notes back to your iPhone 6S.

The question is, how to recover deleted notes from iPhone 6S? What you need to do firstly is to keep calm and read this article to find the fastest and best method to recover deleted notes. As I mentioned that the best and fastest way to recover iPhone 6S deleted file is by using an iOS data recovery software, which can directly scan your iPhone 6S and retrieve the hidden notes in a few minutes. It’s also very safe, and you can free download the iPhone 6S data recovery on computer and get the recovery job done offline to protect your private data. If you have iTunes or iCloud backup file for lost notes, you can also select to extract data from back without restore the whole backup and transfer recovered notes back to your iPhone 6S directly. Next are 3 simple steps to recover deleted notes from iPhone 6S.

Steps to recover deleted notes from iPhone 6S 

Free download and install iOS Data Reocvery software. There are two free trial versions: Windows and Mac. Both versions are works well with iPhone 6S to get back the deleted notes, contacts, SMS, WhatsApp messages, calendar, reminder, etc.

Step 1. Launch iOS Data Recovery tool. Please choose Recover from iOS Device mode. You can connect your iPhone 6S to the computer so that you can transfer recovered notes back to your iPhone 6S.


Step 2. Scan notes from iPhone 6S.


Step 3. Preview and select notes to recover. You can select deleted notes to recover, just click Recover to Device button and then, all notes will be in your iPhone 6S.


Tips: if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for your lost notes, you can also retrieve them there selectively. Also, you can edit the notes and then save modified data to your iPhone 6S.

The above are the whole process to recover deleted notes from iPhone 6S with the fastest and best software iOS Data Recovery tool.

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