Fix iOS 11 Update Failure Problem


Apple announced to release iOS 11 as well as iPhone 8 this autumn, at WWDC 2017. With iOS 11, you will be able to feel its most powerful, personal, and intelligent function. But when update to a new iOS running system, accidents like crash always happen. Thus, is there any solutions to fix iOS 11 update failure problem? Here, I will offer you two solutions to fix the problem. 

iOS 11 Update Problem 1: iOS 11 Update Failed

When you update to the iOS 11, you may receive the message: “An error occurred downloading iOS 11.” like below, so how to fix this issue?

Fix iOS 11 software update failed:

1. Hit “close” and then try updating it again.
2. Try downloading iOS after a couple of hours, or maybe even a few days.
3. Try updating iOS 10 using iTunes through the computer.
4. If you’re an advanced user of iOS devices, you can also try upgrading with IPSW File.

Tips: If you meet other iOS system issues like stuck Apple Logo, iPhone stuck in recovery mode or white apple issue, you can also try to use this iOS System Recovery tool to fix them.

iOS 11 Update Problem 2: iPhone crashes after iOS 11 update

Your iPhone may get crashed for several times in a short time due to the iOS 11 bugs, for example, when you open camera/photo/Instagram applications and send messages etc., it was crashed or the screen became unresponsive. So to fix the error, you can try these methods to fix it.

Fix iOS 11 bugs:

1. Close the crashed app and open it again.
2. Restart your iPhone and upgrade to the latest version of iOS 11.
3. Download the latest version of the app from app store.
4. Contact the app developer and ask for some possible solutions.

The above are two methods to help you solve iOS 11 update failure problem, just try when you come across the issue. PS: please share if you have other better tips.

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