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One of our customers complained to me a few days ago in the email that some of his iPhone messages disappeared with no good reason at all, he never deleted messages manually, and never restored the iPhone. He wanted the disappeared messages back and wondered whether there was some way to recover the lost messages selectively. By the way, he was using iPhone 6s with iOS 9 installed.

Chances are, the messages are automatically deleted by the iPhone, as there is a hidden feature in iOS 8 ( or above) asking to choose to keep messages for 30 days, year or forever and if you have chosen the option of 30 days, for example, messages can only be saved on the iPhone for 30 days. Messages send or received more than 30 days ago will be gone. To make sure messages will not be deleted automatically and periodically without any notification, you can go to Settings>Messages>Keep Messages to change the settings as you prefer.


Now let’s get down to the issue of recovering the lost messages. If you have iTunes backup, you can try restoring the iPhone though this is not a suggested way considering the risk of data overwriting and permanent erasing in the process of restoring. Worse still, data wiped out by the restoring can never be recovered.

However, you can recover the automatically deleted messages directly from the iPhone with third party iPhone data recovery software, provided that the iPhone is accessible and has not been restored through iTunes or iCloud and erased all the content and settings. iFonebox is such kind of software performing excellently in recovering the lost data selectively.

Here are the detailed steps.

  1. Install and run the full version of iFonebox. Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  2. Click on the button of “Start” after your iPhone is detected by iFonebox.
  3. Choose the messages to scan selectively from the interface listing all the supported data categories by clicking on the relevant icon.
  4. The data scanning and analyzing process will take quite a time, please wait with patience.
  5. Preview all the exported messages and select what you want to recover to your computer.


Note: iFonebox is available for both Windows and Mac version, please choose the right version to download and install.

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