How Can I Access My Text Messages From My Stolen iPhone 6?


My iPhone 6 was stolen yesterday and I use my iPhone as the hub for my business communication. How can I access my texts from my stolen iPhone 6 while waiting to receive my replacement phone? I have a full iTunes backup for my iPhone 6. Can anyone help? Thanks. 

Pretty sad to here such news. Compared with other iPhone or iPad models, now iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is easy to be stolen. So those users should be careful. The above iPhone 6 user was frustrated enough to lose his iPhone 6 and he wanted to access text messages from stolen iPhone 6 for business communication. Sorry to hear that but the fortunate thing is, he had an iTunes backup for his messages from iPhone 6, hence, it is more possible to extract and access those text messages from his stolen iPhone 6. How to make it? I will show you. Let’s go. 

In order to access text messages from a stolen iPhone 6, you need a third party software named as iFonebox. Why should I recommend iFonebox? For iFonebox is the most accurate and cheapest for all of you to recover and restore lost data. The question is, what can iFonebox do for you?

As is known that iFonebox is a professional and powerful iOS data recovery software which empowers you to extract and access data like messages from your iTunes or iCloud backup. This is what iFonebox can do for the iPhone 6 user. Besides, to extract and restore data like photos and videos from iTunes or iCloud backup is not a big deal. In addition, iFonebox supports to recover deleted data like contacts, messages, notes and more from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch directly. Next, I want to show you detailed steps of using iFonebox.

How to access text messages from a stolen iPhone 6?

Undoubtedly, the first thing is to download and install iFonebox. Here are two versions available: Windows version and Mac version. Also, Free Trial Version (Win and Mac) is always there for you. Now, you can follow the below steps to access text messages from iTunes:

  1. Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iTunes Backup.
  2. Scan messages from iTunes backup.
  3. Preview and select all messages to recover. After scanning, you can pick up all messages and then, click Recover to PC to transfer all messages to your computer. You can also print text messages out in your computer.


This is the whole process to access text messages from a stolen iPhone 6 in iTunes. It is much more convenient and practical to use iFonebox to extract and access lost messages, including iMessages from iTunes or iCloud backup.



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