How Can I Save Audio Files Of WhatsApp To Folder On PC?

save whatsapp audio files to pc

“Hi there, I use WhatsApp to contact with my family and friends, and we often use voice messages instead of text messages. Can I save those audio files to my PC as a backup because those audio meant so much to me and some are important. Could you please help? Thank you very much.” – Jenny

It is often heard that iDevice users want to save WhatsApp audio files to their PC, so they can access and listen the audio messages directly plus as a backup on their PC. It is hardly to access the WhatsApp audio messages by other iPhone apps directly because WhatsApp stores audio files within its own isolated app storage. Does it means that there is no ways to transfer WhatsApp audio messages to PC? No! There are actually various approaches to export WhatsApp audio to PC. You are able to save WhatsApp audio files either using Email or iOS data transfer tool. Continue reading to find out how they work.

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Transfer WhatsApp Audio Files To Your PC via Email

Step 1. Select the voice message or multiple voice messages to be saved on your PC and share it using email.
Step 2. Tap the icon on the bottom right on your iPhone and then you will see “Mail” and then key in your email
Step 3. Go to your e-mail and check the mail that you received from yourself.
Step 4. Download the audio from your email and save them in the folder you have chosen in your PC, wait till it loads completely.

If you found this method is not convenient to transfer lots of WhatsApp audio files in one time. The following way is available for you to transfer multiple WhatsApp audio at the same time.

Export WhatsApp Audio To Your PC via iOS Data Transfer Tool

As mentioned above, the iOS data transfer tool in here is referred to iFonebox. A software which enables you to export and save WhatsApp audio messages you wanted at the same time. Firstly, you need to download iFonebox on your PC/Mac in order to begin to save your WhatsApp audio files to your PC.
free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

Step 1: Run the software and connect your device
Launch and run iFonebox, select “Recover from iOS device” , connect your phone via USB cable, if this is the first time to connect your iPhone to PC, you need to choose Trust the computer on your iPhone screen. Next, click “Start” to scan your

Step 2: Scan “WhatsApp attachments”
The WhatsApp audio messages are stored in “WhatsApp Attachments”, therefore click “WhatsApp Attachments” icon under “Media Data” column and start attachment

Step 3: Preview and recover
After done scanning, you can preview and choose the WhatsApp audio messages, click “Recover to PC” button to export your WhatsApp audio messages to your computer. And now you are able to play the WhatsApp audio messages on your PC.whatsapp-attachments

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