How Do I Export Contacts To .csv Format From iPhone?


Sometimes, we need the contacts selectively off iPhone. How, you may wonder, can we export the contacts from iPhone to CSV file? iCloud allows people to export the contacts selectively, but it cannot export contacts to VCF file.

Export with iFonebox.

Fortunately, there is a renowned third party iPhone data recovery software that can not only export contacts directly from iPhone but also export the contacts to CSV file which can be imported to gmail and merged to Mac Contacts.

It is iFonebox which is available for both Windows and Mac and you need to choose the right version to download and install according to what kind of computer you are using.

Now lets get down to the detailed steps about how.
Install and run iFonebox.
Connect your iPhone to your computer.
Click “Start” after your iPhone is recognized by iFonebox.
Choose the Contacts to scan selectively from the interface listing all the supported data categories.
Wait for the data scanning and analyzing process completes.
Preview the exported contacts and select items you need or just check all to export to your computer by clicking the button “ Recover to PC” ( or Recover to Mac if you are using the Mac version).


Export Through iTunes

Also, you can export the contacts from your iPhone through iTunes.

Connect your iPhone to the computer; iTunes should launch automatically. If not, run the iTunes app.
Click the icon for your iPhone after recognition.
Click the Info tab and check the box “Sync Contacts.”
Choose Windows Contacts (You can choose all contacts or select a few for export). Click the “Apply” button for the change to take effect.
On your keyboard press “Window key + R” to launch the Run window. Type wab and click OK.
You will see a new window with folders and files. Click the double arrows on the screen to display additional commands.
Choose the Export option.
A new window will appear that shows the format type. Select the CSV format and click Export.
After this another window will pop up showing you addresses where you want to save the file. Browse through your folders and files for wherever you want to save the CSV file and hit “Next.”
Check the appropriate fields you wish to export to when this window pops out and click Finish.
When you see this dialog box it means the export is successful. Click OK and go to the folder or file where you saved the CSV file to check. You can open using it using MS Excel.


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