How to Back Up iPhone to External Hard Drive


I want to be able to backup my iPhone 4 to an external harddrive since I don’t have enough space on my MacBook Pro hard drive, how do I dothat? I have already moved all the iTunes libraries and media folder to that externaldrive and need to know how to default the IPhone4 backup to the external drive.I am using iTunes.

 Redefine the iTunes Library To External Drive

Point iTunes to the library on the external drive.
> Hold down the OPTION key while opening iTunes.
> Select a library as it is prompted.
> Navigate to the external drive to select the iTunes library you wish to use.
> From that point on when you sync the phone the backups will go to the iTunes library on the external drive.

If you are running out of space on your hard drive, then I suggest replacing it with a larger drive.

Reset The Path of iTunes Backup with Terminal Commands 

 Here is the  solution with Terminal commands only, just follow this guide but replace path to your own external drive:

> Create a folder named “Backup” on your external drive:
mkdir /Volumes/<ExternalDriveName>/Backup

> Rename the local Backup folder:

~/Library/Application\ Support/MobileSync/Backup2

> Create symlink:

ln -s /Volumes/<EternalDriveName>/Backup ~/Library/Application/Support/MobileSync/

> Launch iTunes and do your backup!

Export Data from iTunes Backup to External Drive With iFonebox

There are quite a number of third party data recovering software than can export all the important data from the iPhone directly to wherever place on your computer or the external drive. Here in this post I would like to introduce iFonebox and how to back up your iPhone to external hard disk drive with this professional iPhone data recovery software.

> Install and run iFonebox to your computer.
> Connect your iPhone to your computer.
> Click Start after your iPhone is connected to your computer.
> On the interface listing all the supported data categories, please click “Check All” which is located upper left.
> Browse and define a destination folder from the external drive.
> Hit Recover All.
> Wait until the data recovering process is finished.


 Backup iPhone Directly with iFoneBackup

The final way to back up iPhone to external drive I would like to introduce is to back up your iPhone directly to your external drive just with one click. iFoneBackup is the third party iPhone data backing up software I would like to recommend and it can back up everything on your iPhone to your computer and the external drive. Here is how.

> Install and run iFoneBackup on your computer.
> Connect your iPhone to your computer.
> Click Settings from the upper-right corner to define the backup folder and get back to the main interface.
> Click Back Up Now.


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