How To Delete iPhone Photos Permanently?


When your iPhone is running out of the space, it is probably caused by your bulky photos storage. To free up more space for new photos or other data, you need delete some or all of the photos from your iPhone. And there are a couple of different ways to delete iPhone photos permanently.

Delete Photos from iPhone

  1. Launch Photos app and then tap ‘Select’ in the top right corner.
  2. Tap the bin icon in the bottom right corner and tap ‘Delete photo.’ You can select multiple photos at once and then tap the bin icon to delete all of the photos selected.
  3. Tap on the Albums button. This is placed at the right bottom corner of the display.
  4. You will be now able to see the album labeled as “Recently Deleted”. Tap to open “Recently Deleted” folder. The folder lists all the items that you recently deleted. These items are displayed with the number of days to delete them permanently.
  5. Tap on Select button from top right corner to select the photo you want to delete permanently by tapping on it. You can select multiple photos by tapping on each specific photo. This will help you deleting photos instantly.
  6. Upon selecting, the button ‘Delete’ appears Click on ‘Delete Photo’ and the photo will be permanently deleted from your device and the action cannot be undone.


Note: It’s important to remember that, if you don’t use iCloud and you back up your iPhone via iTunes, your most recent backup might contain the photograph you’ve deleted. Back up again once you’ve deleted the photos you don’t want to overwrite it.

Delete Photos from iCloud

 If you use Photo Stream, which is an iCloud-based feature, you’ll also want to go into your Photo Stream Album in the Photos app on your iPad or iPhone and then select the photographs you want to delete in the same way as described above. This will delete those photographs from all of the devices you use for Photo Stream.

iCloud Photo Library is still in beta so not all of its features are active yet, but you can turn it on if you’re using an iPhone or iPad in order to store your photos and videos in the cloud, access them on all of your connected devices and save space on your devices.

If you use iCloud Photo Library, you can delete photographs by going to any of your connected devices and deleting it in the same way as described previously in this article. This will delete the photograph from your iCloud Photo Library so they will no longer be available on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or web browser through

How to Delete iPhone Photos Safely

 When it comes to deleting photos permanently, the thing I care the most is how to delete the iPhone photos safely. In terms of deleting iPhone photos safely, I mean you can recover them whenever or wherever you need and the deleting process will not cause any other data loss.

To make sure you will be able to recover the deleted photos, you need to back up all your photos. And there are different ways to back up your iPhone photos. You can sync your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, or export all your photos from your iPhone selectively to your computer. You can do both for the sake of belt and brace safety.

To export photos selectively from iPhone, you can plug in your iPhone to your computer and locate the DCIM folder after the iPhone is detected. And copy all the photos in the DCIM folder to your computer for backup. If you don’t have your iPhone at hand now, you can extract the photos from your iTunes or iCloud backup file selectively with third party iOS data recovery software like iFonebox. Exporting iPhone photos selectively from iTunes backup selectively can also be used to to guard against accidental iTunes backup file corruption.


To avoid deleting or erasing any other data while deleting iPhone photos, the best way is to delete the photos selectively. Some people may choose to restore iPhone to factory settings, but it is all-or-nothing solution and thus does not deserve recommendation.

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